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Thai Woman Secures Gold Medal In International Cake Competition By Making Impressive 3D Cake

Thai woman wins in an international cake competition

Making cakes might be a simple task for regular bakers, but creating a 3D cake is certainly not an easy task. Anybody who dares to join a cake competition must be confident in their skills.

Here’s a story about a Thai woman who did just that – AND won a gold medal in a cake competition in Germany with her 3D cake.

A Thai woman snagged gold medal in a cake contest in Germany

3 dimensional cakeImage credit: Saenglert Ponprapa via Facebook

Saenglert Ponprapa, the gold medal winner, posted on her Facebook sharing her pride as the winner in the CAKE & BAKE 2024 event in Dortmund, Germany. The competition involved participants from many countries as well as expert judges.

3 dimensional cake
Image credit: Saenglert Ponprapa via Facebook

Her work was called “The Eternal Love – Love Without Limits Across Realms and Nations,” inspired by things she enjoys, such as ancient Chinese series and fantasy novels. The creation resulted in achieving a gold medal as well as the runner-up award in the 3D cake category.

A well-deserved win

When we saw the cake, we were stunned by its beauty. Creating something like that requires great skill. She truly deserved the medal, and we’re proud to have her represent our nation.

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Cover image adapted from: Saenglert Ponprapa via Facebook and Saenglert Ponprapa via Facebook