Copper Beyond Buffet: ฿1,999 for one of Bangkok’s most popular buffets

I’m not a buffet guy. That’s why I haven’t been to Copper Beyond Buffet even though it’s a literal 10-minute walk away from where I live. But after a decade of avoiding one of Bangkok’s most popular and most recognized buffets, I finally bit the bullet and visited the once-ailing mall The Sense to give the buffet restaurant a try.

Here’s what I thought of it and how you can get the most out of your experience there should you choose to go.

One of the most diverse selections of high-quality dishes in Bangkok

A sign denoting the entrance to Copper Beyond Buffet.
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A gigantic menu is not always a good sign as it can often mean an overloaded kitchen working with older ingredients. Copper has almost every type of cuisine that’s served in Thailand, yet I’d say that this is their strength rather than their weakness.

Although I certainly didn’t have the bottomless stomach to try every single dish they serve, the 20 or so dishes I did try all struck above par. And it’s not hard to see why.

One of the many chefs cooking dishes to be served to customers at Copper Beyond Buffet.
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The open kitchens at each station show you just how fresh the food is before it gets on your plate. Not only that, you see the machine-like precision and efficiency with which they cook the food so that you never have to spend time waiting on any dish.

In short, the food is fresh, tastes like it’s fresh, and the service is as good as a hotel that you’d have to spend your entire paycheck just for a night.

A platter of international dishes including lobster, sashimi, and wagyu beef.
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The most popular dishes are the usual, expensive suspects: the Australian wagyu beef dishes, the sushi, and sashimi. While those were definitely memorable, the dishes I found to be surprisingly pleasant were the cheese wheel pasta and the truffle soup.

Pace yourself while eating – literally

Image credit: @1.0528__iamsky via Instagram

Copper is unbelievably spacious. In fact, it comprises 3 quarters of The Sense’s top floor.

So even though there are probably over a hundred diners there at a time, you won’t find it as crowded Chatuchak market on the weekends.

There are two types of dishes you can get at Copper: those you pick up at the cooking station and those you order to be served at your table.

A bowl of fragrant and creamy truffle soup paired with a crunchy croissant.
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You can simply pick up quick-to-cook dishes like boat noodles, sashimi, or truffle soup directly from the station. For other dishes, simply find one of the numerous a la carte stations and give your table number and dish number to the staff.

Because the buffet is incredibly spacious, you’ll often find yourself taking long walks between picking up your food and getting to your table. I’d recommend getting just one or two plates at a time and slowly pacing your way back so that you will have an easier and safer time getting the dishes to your table without spilling. Not only that but it’ll also mean that you can pace yourself so that you don’t get full too quickly.

How to book a spot

People queueing up at Copper's reception area to get their table.
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You don’t simply walk into Copper. You have to book first. 

Either visit Hungry Hub or add Copper’s LINE account and you’ll have a bunch of packages to choose from. Don’t worry, all of them include access to their buffet. The only difference is the premium menu which you’ll only get 1 per person.

Once that’s done, simply head into their reception area where they’ll give you a table number and then it’s time to chow. 

A buffet to taste a little bit of everything

I’ll be honest: despite the near-universal praise, I didn’t leave Copper feeling like it blew my mind. But it didn’t need to.

Copper does exactly what you want from a buffet but at a grade above the standard. And for a price starting just shy of ฿2,000, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that’s more worth it than this.

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Address: The Sense Pinklao, 2nd floor, 71/50 Borommaratchachonnani Rd, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 12pm–2pm, 4.30pm–6.30pm, 7pm–9pm; Daily
Contact: +66 9 2281 1818 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from:@1.0528__iamsky via Instagram

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