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Thong Lor cafes for work

One benefit of living in Thong Lor is you have a lot of things to explore and do. Especially for cafe hoppers, this neighbourhood is like a paradise that’s full of attractive cafes to socialise.

Plus, If you are a digital nomad living in the area, we understand that work-friendly cafes could be your go-to working spaces for productivity.

With the large number of cafes scattered in the neighbourhood, you might find it daunting to choose where to go. So, we’ve made a list of 10 lovely Thong Lor cafes that are work-friendly with the added benefits of chills vibes, photogenic spots, and cosy surroundings.

1. Thea Cafe — European-inspired coffee house filled with greenery

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We’re sure you won’t have any problem with spotting beautiful Thong Lor cafes as the area is filled with it. But Thea Cafe has a certain charm compared to the rest. This coffee house evokes the ambience of a European antique shop, accentuated by the presence of lush greenery surrounding the establishment.

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This Thong Lor cafe is packed with mini cute decorations, such as small frames, vases, and hanging light bulbs, making it a cosy and inviting space for digital nomads to come and enjoy their tasks.

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Whether it’s work-related or not, if you’re looking for a relaxing cafe to hang around, Thea Cafe will definitely bring you a fully immersive cafe experience.

Address: 50 Sukhumvit 51 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
8am-5pm, Daily

Nearest train station:
BTS Thong Lor Station
Contact: Thea Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

2. Gusion Coffee Project — Black-toned cafe with Australian coffee culture

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Some of you might enjoy your time in minimalist white-toned cafes, but this minimalist black-toned cafe is also a cool place to try out. Among the many Thong Lor cafes in the area, this one certainly stands out.

Surrounded by predominantly black panels complemented by subtle brown accents, Gusion Coffee Project offers Australian coffee, reflecting the owner’s extensive 7-year experience as a barista in Sydney.

Image credit: @gusioncoffee.thailand via Instagram

For a cup of coffee to sip while discussing business with a partner, you can try its Aussie Iced Coffee at ฿160 (~USD4.50) to taste the real deal, Aussie-style coffee. It’s a delightful choice that enhances your meeting with the essence of Australia’s coffee culture.

Address: 140 Sukhum Vit 49, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
7am-7.30pm, Daily

Contact: Gusion Coffee Project’s Instagram | Google Maps

3. Truly Scrumptious — Cosy homey-style cafe featuring English vibes

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From agreeable designs to scrumptious dessert items, Truly Scrumptious is a little homey-style Thong Lor cafe and eatery where you can settle in with your work all day and take in English vibes.

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While the indoor dining area can relax you with its tranquillity and the aroma of freshly baked cakes, why not explore the outdoor seating? It will give you the feeling of hanging out in an English backyard.

Also, check out Signature Black Beer Cake priced at ฿170 (~USD4.80). It’s a beer cake with chocolate added and topped with cream cheese and chocolate chips.

Address: 197/2 Soi Sukhumvit 49/11, Sukhumvit Road Wattana, Nua, เขตคลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110
Opening hours:
Tues-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat-Sun 9am-5.30pm, closed on Mondays 

Contact: Truly Scrumptious’s Instagram | Google Maps

4. The Blooming Gallery — Charming cafe inspired by Impressionism 

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Inspired by Impressionism, this cafe crafts a sweet ambience by adorning the building with an assortment of flowers and plants, and this blends perfectly with the rustic charm of the brick walls.

Image credit: @thebloominggallery via Instagram

Upon stepping inside, you can’t resist eyeing a plethora of thriving plants adorned within its glass house. As a hidden space, it’s a really fantastic spot for those looking for a cafe to wind down after work or those seeking a cosy cafe to execute their daily tasks.

Considering the perfect combination of greenery and rusticness, the charm of this place will also tempt you to explore every nook and cranny.

Image credit: @thebloominggallery via Instagram

Once you open the menu, a wide selection of mouth-watering options might give you a hard time, but check out The Duck Pond at ฿350 (~USD9.87), duck leg confit with pumpkin puree, sweet potatoes, and raspberry sauce.

Furthermore, don’t pass up the tea selections at this place— the owners have embraced and incorporated Western tea culture into their menu, giving the tea drinks here a distinctive flair. For a suggestion, try I Adore You at ฿180 (~USD5.08). a preach fruit tea high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, K and Iron. If you’re a also peach lover, this is a great choice!

Address: 8 Thong lor, 88/1 Thong Lo 8 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
10.30am-9pm, Daily

Contact: The Blooming Gallery’s Facebook | Google Maps

5. CHAEN TEA Experience — Smooth and aromatic matcha drinks for matcha lovers

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Tucked away in a deep alley in Wattana District, CHAEN TEA Experience is a matcha gem for matcha fanatics. This little Thong Lor cafe and tea shop embraces the Fukinsei concept, digging into the imperfect, asymmetrical beauty inspired by ZEN. At first glance, you might not peg this place as a cafe because the front looks more like usual modern houses.

Image credit: @tmdtd via Instagram

In the following moments, your attention will be drawn to a petite Japanese garden at the entrance, featuring bamboo fencing, bamboo plants, mosses, a gravel pattern, and a Tsukubai.

Image credit: @packky.p via Instagram

They’ve got different chill zones: a long tea bar for a front-row tea show, a laid-back semi-outdoor spot, a cosy tatami hangout, and a cool Japanese garden upfront. Everywhere you look, it’s got this mix of modern and real Japanese feels, keeping it simple, cool colours, and loads of spots that are Instagram-ready.

Image credit: @matcha_of_mine via Instagram

For first-timers, we highly recommend the must-order item, Matcha Milk Asanoka, priced at ฿180 (~USD5.07). This creamy matcha from Kagoshima exudes the delightful aroma of chestnut, promising you a remarkable tea experience at this place.

Additionally, if you are a fan of ice cream, they serve tasty matcha ice cream with four characteristics: basic, roasted, creamy, and umami, starting from ฿120 (~USD3.38).

Address: 129 Ban Kluai Nuea Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
10am-6pm, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Thong Lor Station

Contact: CHAEN  TEA Experience’s Facebook | Google Maps

6. Fill In The Blank — Comfy and welcoming ambience that keeps you lingering

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Looking for a comfy spot to boost your mood while working? Please don’t overlook this Fill In The Blank, just a 2-minute walk from Ekkamai BTS Station.

cafes in thong lor
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Despite the morning haze that might be hanging around, the tranquil atmosphere of this classic cafe is here to perk you up. Picture a big tree right in the heart of the dining room and vases of plants scattered about, all working together to liven up the place and shake off that morning grogginess.

cafes in thong lor
Image credit: @kornpirom via Instagram

Head further inside and you’ll find minimalist furniture that effortlessly blends style and comfort, beckoning you to sink in and enjoy the distinctive atmosphere this space has to offer. As your eyes wander, you’ll notice subtle touches that add personality, making it a spot where simplicity meets sophistication.

Address: 28/10 Sukhumvit 61, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
9am-5pm, closed on Monday
Nearest train station: BTS Ekkamai Station

Contact: Fill In The Blank’s Facebook | Google Maps

7. Mareeji Cafe & Casual Dining — Homemade meals, a warm mood & greenery

cafes in thong lor
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Finding a natural spot to work is like a productivity and creativity hack for many remote workers, and Mareeji Cafe & Casual Dining makes sure to be one of those.

The word “Mareeji” is a Thai word meaning “sunlight”. The cafe features large windows all around to let the sunlight pass through and let the guests feel the warmth.

cafes in thong lorImage credit: @mareejicafe via Instagram

Peeking at its interior spaces, you’ll be surprised by the way brown-hued leather furniture like chairs, cabinets, and shelves are well arranged, which gives this place a cool vibe.

Image credit: via Instagram

For a nature fix, snag a seat outside, and let the greenery work its magic, putting you in a chill mood surrounded by lush vegetation.

If you like the Southern food of Thailand, it’s hard not to try ฿150 (~USD4.22) Southern Kaeng Som cooked with sea bass — a beloved dish from the South, it marries the sour notes of tamarind, the fiery touch of chillies, and the delightful combination of coconut shoots and sea bass.

Also, don’t forget to complete your meal with their Carrot Cake at ฿120 (~USD3.37). It’s a homemade cake with a soft texture, which is topped with lemon-infused cream cheese frosting and adorned with a nutty topping.

Address: 8 Napasup 2, Sukhumvit 36 Rd, Klongtan, Klongtey, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
7.30am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Thong Lor Station

Contact: Mareeji Cafe & Causal Dining’s Facebook | Google Maps

8. — minimalist industrial café to hang out with your work buddies

cafes in thong lor
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If you’re into minimalism, boasts a minimalist industrial design with a welcoming atmosphere for off-site workers to hang around and carry out their tasks.

cafes in thong lor
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The interior pleases visitors with a simple and spacious white-toned design, with private bar counters, laid-back corners, and a central table for group gatherings. Stylish weathered clay pots with plants add to the relaxed atmosphere, connecting to the weathered clay counter. The cafe also offers an outdoor seating area for a change of scenery.

Moreover, it has a lifestyle shop where you can browse their chic products, be it tees, cloth bags, books and many more.

Address: 3 Sukhum Vit 49, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
9am-6pm, closed on Monday
Nearest train station: BTS Thong Lor Station

Contact: co-incidence’s Facebook | Google Maps

9. Tiny Cup Cafe — Mini lovely cafe with an all-day breakfast

cafes in thong lor
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The next one on our list of Thong Lor cafes is Tiny Cup Cafe, a cute small cafe on the side of Thong Lor Road. With its front decked in vibrant yellow, this cafe is hard to miss.

As you push the door open, friendly staff members behind a wooden bar counter will welcome you. Glance to the left, and you’ll spot a long wooden table against a mint-coloured wall. and despite its unassuming exterior, the place unfolds into a spacious environment, including a bit fancier seating on the second floor.

Image credit: @susan.croissant via Instagram

Coming to this cosy cafe, you might want to fill your belly with Baked Eggs Avocado — creamy avocados joining forces with perfectly baked eggs, white beans, zesty tomato sauce spiced up with cumin and chillies, lively bell pepper, and a sprinkle of feta cheese. — at ฿300 (~USD8.43).

Address: 411 2 Thong Lo, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
9am-6pm, Daily

Contact: Tiny Cup Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

10. House of Susan Croissant — must-try croissant-focused Thong Lor cafe

cafes in thong lor
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If you are a croissant lover, take the opportunity to visit this House of Susan Croissant; we’re sure you’ll have a lovely time enjoying a croissant meal.

This quaint Thong Lor cafe is designed in a cosy cottage style. The house serves freshly baked homemade croissants and doughnuts that you can enjoy snacking on during work in a sweet and cosy environment.

cafes in thong lorImage credit: @susan.croissant via Instagram

Starting from ฿45 (~USD1.26) per piece, the shop has many filling options for you to choose from. For must-try items, Salted Eggs Lava at ฿55 (~USD1.55is a croissant filled with salted egg lava. Another one is Rasberry & Custard Cream at ฿179 (~USD5.03), a homemade doughnut topped with soft cream and raspberries.

Address: 5/9 Soi Phromsri, Soi Sukhumvit 39, Klongton-Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
7am-7pm, Daily

Contact: Susan Croissant’s Facebook | Google Maps

 Let these cosy Thong Lor cafes be your work sanctuaries

Creating a conducive work environment significantly influences your efficiency and productivity; that’s why many digital nomads or remote workers can’t help but find a cosy spot to focus on their tasks. Hopefully, you fall in love with these lovely Thong Lor cafes and let them be your new work retreats.

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