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A-Ramen Is A 24-Hour Ramen Shop In Bangkok With Ichiran-Style Seating Booths

A-Ramen – 24/7 ramen in Bangkok 

When we think of individual seating booths, many of us think of Japan’s famous Ichiran Ramen shop that has seats specially for those who want to eat alone

Known as Rameng-Kosorb in Thai, A-Ramen now brings this cool concept right to our shores in Bangkok. Aside from its cool solo-eating concept, it’s also 24 hours – so whether you have a ramen craving at 2pm or 2am, here’s where to go. 

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Our experience at A-Ramen

a ramen bkk

A-Ramen is a little different from the usual Japanese restaurants in Thailand because of it’s interesting ambience, like how orders are taken and served. The store has a few branches around the city, and we visited its Nanglinchee branch that sits right around Bangkok’s downtown areas like Sathorn and Silom.

The staff were very energetic and polite, which made us feel very welcome. Before heading to our seats, you will need to collect your order card. The ramen starts at ฿150 (~USD,5), but we suggest topping up more so that you can enjoy their tasty sides as well. 

a ramen bkk seats
The private tables here made us feel more comfortable eating alone

We might feel really weird going to a restaurant alone and taking up a big table, but there’s no need to worry about that here. Each seating booth comes with shutters that you can pull in and out depending on whether you are here alone. If you’re here with a friend, just fold it away and you can enjoy each other’s company.

a ramen bkk order chit

Orders are taken via a checklist, so just go ahead and circle whatever you’d like. It’s well-organised and comes with clear English explanations too. Once you’re ready, just click the red buzzer on your table and the staff will come and receive your order.

What to eat at the restaurant 

a ramen bkk ramen
Ramen (฿150, ~USD5)

This might look like a regular bowl of ramen, but we actually got to customise this to our own preference. You can design your own ramen by circling the choices you want, from noodle texture, toppings, type of chashu pork, spicy and oily levels, and the richness of the soup.

a ramen bkk egg

We decided to go all out with our ramen and added a good amount of toppings, oil, and a dollop of chilli to it. This made the soup really rich and tasty. Our noodles were springy and not overly cooked, which gave it a nice bite and texture. We also opted for a soft-boiled egg, and the yolk added an extra creaminess to the soup. 


a ramen bkk gyoza

For something crispy on the side, we ordered some Gyoza (฿80, ~USD2 for 5). This is a pork-filled dumpling served with a special dipping sauce. The crispiness of the gyoza was a good contrast to the ramen, and we couldn’t stop eating this.

a ramen bkk tofu

For those of you that like tofu, we recommend going for Hiyayakko (฿80, ~USD2 for 4) – a soybean tofu topped with seaweed and flavourful sauce.

a ramen bkk lean chashu
Lean chashu pork slices are slightly drier than the fatty type, so it is up to your preference

We couldn’t get enough of the chashu pork in our ramen so we ordered extra to add to our noodles. You can pick between Lean Chashu (฿80, ~USD2 for 3) or Fatty Chashu (฿80, ~USD2 for 3).

a ramen bkk meat salad

Here’s something unique to A-Ramen that you wouldn’t find at a normal Japanese ramen shop. Spicy and Sour Pork (฿80,~USD2), aka Moo Za, is a spicy and sour meat salad. Be warned, this is pretty hot, so have a drink handy. 

a ramen bkk green tea

We washed it all down with some Iced Green Tea (฿40, ~USD1) that came with a side of sugar syrup to sweeten it as we liked.

Visit A-Ramen for an interesting ramen experience

a ramen bkk food
Our delicious spread

Eating at A-Ramen was definitely an interesting experience and I felt like I was in a ramen shop in Japan. The interior was awesome for solo diners, and the fact that it’s open 24/7 means that we can settle our ramen cravings anytime.

a ramen bkk branches

There are many other outlets around Bangkok, so visit the one nearest to you.

A-Ramen (The Street Ratchada Branch)
Address: B Floor, The Street Ratchada, 139 Ratchadaphisek Rd., Din Daeng, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 24/7
Nearest Train Station: MRT Thailand Cultural Centre
Telephone: +66 8 1545 3655
A-Ramen website | Google Maps

A-Ramen (Samyan Mitrtown Branch)
Address: 1U021-1U023, 1st Floor, Samyan Mitrtown, Pathum Wan, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 24/7
Nearest Train Station: MRT Samyan
Telephone: +66 2 219 1519
Google Maps

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