Yomjinda Road: old-timey neighbourhood in Rayong

Rayong is a coastal city in eastern Thailand with famous beaches and islands that people love vacationing at. However, after walking along a sandy beach, you should check out an old neighbourhood with retro buildings in the city centre.

Yomjinda Road is a old-timey neighbourhood with a vintage teahouse and retro houses in Rayong where you can head to shop local gifts, snap pics of old establishments, and chill out at a retro cafe.

Go for a walk at an old neighbourhood in Rayong

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Yomjinda Road is an old neighbourhood in Rayong that at least 100 years old. It used to be a trading centre in the city filled with banks, markets, and theatres. However, as the city developed into a modern era, the neighbourhood lost prominence over time.

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Later, the area was revived by the locals to become an interesting spot for many tourists. You can see quaint houses along the road.

There are many old buildings and shops to explore. For example, สัตย์อุดม is an old house where you can browse a bunch of old items, such as vintage typewriters, radios, tableware, pictures etc.

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From Friday to Sunday, there will be a market with various street food stalls on both sides of the road where you can get food to munch along while you walk.

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Built in 1917, the road has a Sino-Portuguese building with a decrepit wall that would make a nice background for portrait photos in landscape orientation.

Pay a visit to a Chinese Mazu shrine

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A Chinese shrine of Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess, is a place worth visiting in the neighbourhood. The shrine is an important sanctuary in the area since the neighbourhood has plenty of Thai-Chinese dwellers.

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What’s more interesting is cool street art on a loft wall nearby where you can go to capture pics with your creative poses.

Chill out at a small chic cafe

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After a long walk, you’re recommended to take a rest and grab a drink at ร้านเชย. The cafe offers Thai dishes and refreshing drinks, such as Thai tea, cocoa, coffee etc. The storefront is decorated with some plants and a red telephone box, giving off a cosy ambience.

You can also dine on the second floor which is jazzed up with old pictures and furniture; and offers a panoramic view of the locality.

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Another place you can try visiting is ราย็อง – a retro teahouse with snacks and drinks to try. Unfortunately, the store has been temporarily closed since Covid-19 hit. Nevertheless, you can check it out again in the future when you’re planning a trip here.

Getting to Yomjinda Road in Rayong

For those who love exploring historical places, Yomjinda Road should be on your bucket list for sure. It offers many old buildings and restaurants with vintage stuff to see.

As the place is situated in downtown Rayong, driving  here from Bangkok takes about two hours and a half. Or take a bus at Bus Terminal Ekkamai or Bus Terminal Chatuchak from ฿160 (~USD4.65). Find out more in our article here.

Yomjida Road
Address: Tha Pradu, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong 21000
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