Skywalk Aiyerweng showcases a sea of fog in Yala

Many people usually cruise to the north to visit mountains with an understanding that the south only offers beaches and islands. Hopefully, Yala might change your perception of the south. As a southern province, Yala offers a lot of mountains and hills to visit as many northern cities in Thailand do.

So if you like trekking up the mountain to view the greenery beneath you, Skywalk Aiyerweng lets you walk in the air and have uninterrupted views of the rolling green hills and thick fog in Yala.

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Behold uninterrupted views of hills in Yala on Skywalk Aiyerweng

Image credit: @pondrudy

Considered the one and only skywalk in the south of Thailand, Skywalk Aiyerweng is a southern gem located in Betong in Yala that lets you gaze at the mountain scenery as well as a thick sea of fog at the height of 2,038 feet above sea level. For those who fancy travelling to the north, this place will definitely help you achieve your goals for sure. Moreover, you can head to sandy beaches in nearby cities in the south if you want to visit one.

Image credit: @naznine.nzn

Once you take yourself up to the top, you’ll spot a 61-metre elevated walkway from the tower to enjoy a broad view of abundant mountain ridges appearing ahead. The glass terrace at the end might give you the creeps if you’re afraid of heights, but we assure you that it’s safe and the view is worth it.

To reach Skywalk Aiyerweng, you can hail a provided pick-up truck or motorcycle taxi for ฿20 (~USD0.5) if you don’t want to drive there yourself.

In addition, there are many resorts near the skywalk that you can book a stay for a night or two if one day here doesn’t seem to be sufficient for you.

Drop by Chaloem Phra Kiat King Rama 9 waterfall

Image credit: @tanmobike

After you’re done enjoying the view, you can drive to Chaloem Phra Kiat King Rama 9, about a 15-min drive from the skywalk. An assortment of rocks strewn on the ground with water falling from the cliff as a backdrop, we find this place a pretty spot for ‘gram shots.

Image credit: @thongpet_kook

Understandably, hiking through a rocky terrain can be rather draining on your stamina. So when you’re tired, you can take a break at this wooden bridge that provides seating for visitors to sit and relax. Alternatively, you can take photos around the area since there are many spots that are worth-visiting, like the bridge shown above.

Getting to Skywalk Aiyerweng in Yala

Even though the location is very far from Bangkok and still pretty remote even from Phuket, Yala has an abundance of places worth-visiting that many tourists have never been to or heard. However, don’t be discouraged by the distance because it could be worth the journey after you’ve been here. Additionally, apart from the fact that the city offers greenery, you can drive to visit beaches in other southern cities in the vicinity.

To get to Skywalk Aiyerweng from Phuket, you can fly to Betong International Airport and get a taxi to the skywalk within a one hour’s drive. Simply swap over to a motorcycle taxi provided at the entrance there to reach the site.

Skywalk Aiyerweng
Address: Aiyoeweng, Betong District, Yala 95110
Opening Hours:
5.30AM – 4.30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 7933 8770
Skywalk Aiyerweng’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @pondrudy, @naznine.nzn, @tanmobike

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