Thai vendor gives customer free lemongrass

Due to the monsoon season, it has been raining heavily in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. Subsequently, numerous residents have experienced severe floods and terrible traffic everywhere, making it difficult for them to live day-to-day. We can’t do much but hope that this rainy season ends soon.

According to traditional Thai beliefs, however, there is one solution that Thai people believe will help stop rain from falling down – commissioning a virgin woman to plant lemongrass vertically into the ground. To be honest, we’re not sure how the belief originated and whether it really helps, but some people seem to still believe it – maybe in a humourous way – like this Thai vendor.

A Thai vendor reportedly gave one kilogram of free lemongrass to a female customer in the hopes of requesting for help to drive the rain away from the country. The story became viral afterwards and caused ripples of amusement amongst netizens.

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Thai vendor depends on her customer to ward off rain

Image credit: Sanook

On 12th September 2022, a woman reportedly ordered tom yum from a vendor and jokingly asked for extra lemongrass to stab into the ground to drive the rain away.

Unexpectedly, the vendor gave her 1 KG of lemongrass for free with a note saying, “The future of Bangkok is in your hand. You can do it.”, according to Komchadluek.

The customer posted her story on Twitter, believing that the vendor had been affected by the heavy rain, considering the amount of lemongrass that she had gifted her. After her post, the picture went viral on social media with widespread shares.

The woman could be our only hope

For obvious reasons, Thai citizens have certainly had enough of the pouring rain recently. Since it’s a natural event, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. That’s also probably why we sometimes rely on our traditional beliefs.

We can’t tell you for sure if her way is going to work, but since it’s a harmless superstition, we don’t see anything wrong with trying it. To put the belief thing aside, we find the story amusing for a laugh to break tension during the day.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Sanook

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