Thung Prong Thong in Rayong

If you ever take a trip to Rayong, whether for leisure or personal business, it’s worth letting you know that this Rayong landmark, Thung Prong Thong, deserves a visit. Explore its large yellow-green mangrove field and mangrove forest, whether by foot or by boat.

Let’s find out more about this landmark.

Explore a mangrove field & get on a relaxing boat ride amid nature

thung prong thong
Image credit: @kwan_naja via Instagram

First of all, this place features a scenic 360° viewpoint where you can admire the view of yellow-green mangrove trees. The sight becomes even more beautiful when the morning light or the glow of sunset bathes the field in its warm radiance.

FYI, Thung Prong Thong’s admission is free of charge. You just have to pay a parking fee of ฿20 (~USD0.56) if you bring a car and take a local 3-wheeled motorcycle ride to the field for ฿5 (~USD0.14).

Image credit: @kuk_kukkie via Instagram

Once you’re done enjoying the view, go take a walk along the boardwalk to explore a big mangrove forest. This nature trail is 1-kilometre long, and while walking, you will see many species of plants and animals along the way.

Image credit: @letseethereal_manuss via Instagram

Alternatively, you can get a boat ride through the forest at ฿50 (~USD1.41) per person per ride. This way is quicker to explore the place and helps save some energy. Plus, the ride offers a blend of amusement and tranquillity.

Visit Thung Prong Thong in Rayong

This Rayong landmark is nice for a short day trip, so next time you visit the city, don’t forget to drop by this little gem. As it doesn’t have an admission fee, you can take advantage of this to reconnect with nature before heading back home.

The place is about a 3-hour ride from Bangkok. We recommend driving here on your own because it’s located outside the city, so public transit might be hard to find or not exist.

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Address: Pak Nam Krasae, Klaeng District, Rayong 21170
Opening hours:
6am-6pm, Daily

Direction: Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @kuk_kukkie via Instagram, @kwan_naja via Instagram, and @letseethereal_manuss via Instagram

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