Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, Lopburi

Waking up on a sunny weekend day with nice weather, the idea of setting out on a city adventure can take shape in your head. However, the pollution, traffic noise, and urban chaos could discourage you and lead you to contemplate an alternative destination in a more relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Thankfully, Pa Sak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi is there to spark your fascination. Located just two and a half hours away from Bangkok, it offers a spacious green field where you can enjoy camping and admire a scenic view of a train railway crossing over a reservoir.

Day camping at a scenic train railway over a reservoir

Image credit: @punyaphat_phung via Instagram

Call up your buddies, pack up your sitting mat and camping chairs, grab your favourite guitar, and drive straight to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi.

Many folks name this endearing destination as mini New Zealand in Thailand, as you can witness an expansive green field with a long train railway spanning across. Looking beyond, you can also spot a far-reaching mountain range.

However, don’t be surprised if, upon visiting this destination, you find the entire field submerged in water. This area is the longest reservoir in Thailand. The water levels typically decrease from March to September, making it the ideal time for camping here.

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam
Image credit: @jb0nd7 via Instagram

Thanks to its large space, you can drive your car onto the field and find your own spot for camping. Don’t forget to bring along some food to munch while playing guitar and gazing at the pleasing landscape.

Lots of people enjoy different activities when you come here. Some love flying kites while many spend their time riding on a paramotor.

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam
Image credit: @nunaraksa via Instagram

What will bring genuine joy to your heart is herds of cute goats leisurely enjoying their grassy meals. For animal lovers out there, we’re confident you won’t miss the chance to approach and play with them.

Getting to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi

As much as we love camping with friends, we find this place worth a visit if you’re looking for a camping place that’s not too far away from Bangkok. Plus, the view here is second to none. A day trip here will be a great experience.

Also, explore Tum Si Fah which is a blue-hued cave with a Burmese-style Buddha, Komol’s Corner Bamboo Rafting in Phang Nga which offers bamboo rafting along a clear forested stream, and Ying Yong Flower Garden in Chiang Mai which boasts purple lavender fields for moody K-drama style shots.

Address: Nong Bua, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lopburi 15140
Direction: Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @punyaphat_phung via Instagram, @jb0nd7 via Instagram, and @wrorachat via Instagram

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