Koh Si Chang island guide

When we speak of visiting islands, the south would be the first locale on our minds as it’s home to many famous islands.

However, for Bangkok residents like us, two days off in a week won’t suffice to let us travel that far of a distance to the region. Consequently, we might look for somewhere nearer, including eastern cities like Chonburi.

Koh Si Chang is an island that’s long admired by passionate backpackers who love island-hopping. The highlights include a photogenic white bridge, a Buddha footprint engraved onto the hill, and a Chinese-style lighthouse. All these, and more, make Koh Si Chang an interesting destination that Bangkok dwellers can easily pay a visit to, just a 2-hour drive away from the city.

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Explore Koh Si Chang in Chonburi

Image credit: @alicha_snap

If you ask any local for a list of reputable Thai islands to visit, Koh Si Chang will be included without a doubt.

Thankfully, getting to the island isn’t complicated. Whether you’re driving or taking a bus, we recommend that you make your way to this pier in Koh Loy, Sriracha – a district in Chonburi. Followed by a ferry ride from Koh Si Chang for ฿50 (~USD1)/round trip.

Image credit: LBZERO

When you arrive, you’ll be wondering how you’ll be travelling around the island. If you seek a fun and convenient mode of travel, we’d say you should rent a motorcycle in order to kickstart your solo adventure.

Starting at the first location, you might wanna take a picture or two at Asdang Bridge – a major landmark of the island. The bridge was built into the ocean for panoramic views of the sea.

Image credit: @sirinart.o.roj

Journeying to the south of the island, drop by to snap some photos at Ta Yai Pim, one of the beaches that visitors like to snap shots at, thanks to these multi-coloured artificial grass. We’re sure you’ll spot large crowds of people striking poses for their IG feed, amongst the red, blue and green-hued fields.

Pay respects to Guan Yin & visit a hidden cave shrine

Image credit: เอกชัย สำราญจิตต์

We’ll be introducing two shrines which function as the main temples on the island that vacationers head to, to show their respects and make merit. Both shrines are sited on the hillside in the downtown area, not far from the pier.

Image credit: Makalius

Inside Kuan Yin Shrine, you’ll see murals and patterns which are popular in Chinese temples. In the middle stands a statue of Kuan Yin on the altar, along with a prayer sign in Thai in front. It’s okay if you can’t read it word-for-word, as we believe that praying with sincerity is what counts.

Image credit: @khung_q

A bit further up from Kuan Yin Shrine, consider dropping by Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine – a different place of worship that’s hidden in a cave. Getting inside, you’ll spot a sacred stone statue in gold – which is said to have formed naturally.

Hike up a mountain to see a Buddha’s footprint & sunset views

Image credit: @fatrabbit01

On top of the mountain, lies a replica of Buddha’s footprint that King Rama V enshrined here. The massive structure is surrounded by gold flowers that visitors have left on their visits, as a mark of respect.

Image credit: @191war191

Just a few steps away, there’s also a bell tower where visitors can enter via a short flight of stairs to try their hands at tolling the bell.

Image credit: @kala_aom

At the very summit of this attraction, is where you can enjoy the widest view of Koh Si Chang. This area is also a popular spot for tourists to come up and view the sunrise in the mornings. If you’re an early riser, def make it a point to try coming here at the crack of dawn to get a sweeping city views.

Take a reflection shot of a lighthouse at night

Image credit: Yourtimetravel

If you stay on the island till the night falls, you’ll catch sight of this Chinese-style lighthouse that’s lit up beautifully at night, perfect for reflection shots along the river.

Koh Si Chang is about 2 hours from Bangkok via car

While the south boasts a wide range of islands to visit, many eastern cities have plenty of islands in the proximity of Bangkok too. More options for when you can spare the time to take a weekend trip with your friends or bae.

If you have no particular island in mind yet for your getaway, let Koh Si Chang be your first destination as it’s just 2-hours from Bangkok. We bet you’ll find a lot of things to do apart from what we’ve mentioned above.

After your trip, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.

Koh Si Chang
Address: Tha Thewawong, Ko Sichang District, Chonburi
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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): เที่ยวให้คนอิจฉา, @noom.posttoday, เอกชัย สำราญจิตต์, @kala_aom

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