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Thai Cop Begs With 2 Buffaloes Blocking The Road, Amuses Netizens

Thai cop begs with buffaloes

It’s always the right decision to call the police when you run into a problem you can’t solve even though that includes dealing with animals on the road.

A Thai police officer was called to take care of two buffaloes blocking the traffic in Bang Chan District, Bangkok. Read on to find out how he managed to negotiate with these two horned critters.

A Thai cop begs with buffaloes and asks them to stop blocking the road

GIF: สถานีตำรวจนครบาลบางชัน via Facebook

On the 2nd of the new year 2024, Bang Chan Police Station’s Facebook page posted a funny video of a police officer talking to two buffaloes in Soi Ramkamhang 118 and politely asking them to leave.

GIF: สถานีตำรวจนครบาลบางชัน via Facebook

The cop stated that he received a call from a resident reporting that two buffaloes were lying on the road, obstructing vehicles from passing. He promptly headed to the scene and engaged with the buffaloes. It took him approximately five minutes of pleading before they finally rose and cleared the spot. He also said the buffaloes were cooperative and did not display any hostile behaviours.

It’s assumed that the buffaloes had been terrified of the sound of the fireworks during the countdown celebration, causing them to escape from their enclosure and chill on the road.

Top-notch negotiation from the Thai cop

Let’s give this cop a round of applause for persuading the buffaloes to eventually leave. The way he dealt with them was truly amusing. It’s certainly a funny way to start our new year.

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Cover image adapted from: สถานีตำรวจนครบาลบางชัน via Facebook