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12 Inspiring Fitspos To Keep You On Your New Year Fitness Goals

Inspiring fitspos for your fitness goals

With the New Year often comes new fitness goals in the form of “resolutions”. 

Exercising and eating foods that are rich in nutrients are the top tips for keeping in tip-top shape. But, in addition to applying those two golden rules in our daily lives, having some inspiration, or fitspo, is also an essential part of reaching our fitness objectives.

In case you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of ideal fitspos to help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions and achieve your fitness goals. Read on to see 12 inspiring fitspo personas who’ll inspire you to keep in shape and stay healthy to make claiming your 2024 fitness goals a lot easier.

1. Passavee Loputhai – 56-year-old hunky dad

After his frequent appearances on his daughter’s TikTok videos, Pasavee Loputhai, better known as “hunky daddy”, quickly went viral on social media.

Image credit: @im_passavee via Instagram

Aside from being a famous TikTok “daddy”, this 56-year-old hunk is also the Managing Director of Realty One Estate (Thailand), one of the country’s famous real estate agencies.

Image credit: @Bonitafiit via Instagram

Considering his current physique, it’s surprising that Passavee only began seriously working out in 2018.

GIF: @Im_passavee via TikTok

Passavee revealed that he exercises 45 minutes every day. With that strict discipline, there’s no doubt as to why he is able to stay in shape at the age of 56. 

Image credit: @im_passavee via Instagram

In addition to being a single dad and one of the company’s directors, Passavee also makes time for his four-legged child, because he’s a cat lover at heart.

Image credit: im_passavee via Instagram

If you love a hot guy with a six-pack and muscle definition, we believe that the next guy on our list will make your heart flutter for sure. 

2. Joss Way-Ar Sangngern – certified bachelor who plays a stripper on TV

Next up on this list is a Thai actor and one of CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelors of 2017, Joss Way-Ar Sangngern. 

Image credit: @josswayar via Instagram

Joss’s acting career got off to a good start when he debuted with the role of a stripper in the Netflix Series, 3 Will Be Free


He based his character on Channing Tatum’s from Magic Mike and slays every stripping scene. 

If you want to see his ab-ilities for yourself, 3 Will Be Free is now available on Netflix.

Image credit: @josswayar via Instagram

In addition to being an actor, Joss is also a professional model.

Image credit: @josswayar via Instagram

The multi-talented Fitspo also challenges his career by playing a variety of roles and hopes to go to Hollywood in the future. You can catch him in Thai series like Friend Zone and as a host on Doomundi, a popular travel-centric YouTube channel.

fitspo-motivation-thailandImage credit: @josswayar via Instagram

If you’re into people who are fighting to keep fit, the next point is right up your alley. 

3. Kratae Rsiam – boxing champion turned singer

There are many popular female country artists in Thailand, but Kratae Rsiam is among the most well-known singers with tonnes of hits that many people not only enjoy singing but also dancing along to. 

Image credit: @krataersiam8 via Instagram

Prior to being a country star, Kratae was also trained to be a professional boxer from an early age and used to win boxing championships in Japan

And, though she has already waved a white flag on her boxing career and switched to being an entertainer, Kratae still keeps in touch with her athletic roots. 

Image credit: @krataersiam8 via Instagram

With her strong passion for dancing and commitment to bringing Thai country music to the international level, Kratae never stops putting new elements into her music. 

Her musical style often surprises listeners with a blend of a variety of music genres. That’s why most of her records are smash hits.

Image credit: @krataersiam8 via Instagram

Also, the boxing singer is a businesswoman who sells cosmetic products for the brand, Kathy Brand Cosmetics.

Image credit: @krataersiam8 via Instagram

While we love a fighter, it’s also important that we tend to our artistic side too. 

4. Toon Chaturapoom Lossiri – artistic & mysterious caveman 

We’ve got two boxer-entertainer fitspos on the list already, so let’s switch gears and get to know this notorious “Caveman Casanova”. 

Toon Chaturapoom Lossiri is a 51-year-old with a six-pack who decided to live a peaceful life far away from the city chaos in a small cave on Koh Payan.

We’d say it’s hard not to imagine this man playing Tom Hanks’ role in Castaway.
Image credit: @toontrumpet via Instagram

This guy was born to be a real professional artist. 

In addition to his genius ability to produce excellent pieces of art, Toon is also a Jazz musician and very skilled in playing the trumpet. This artsy musician also plays music at nightclubs to earn his livelihood.

fitspo-motivation-thailandImage credit: @toontrumpet via Instagram

Unquestionably, with his artistic abilities and ability to maintain such muscle definition at 51, it’s no surprise as to why women flock to his cave on Koh Payan. 

Image credit: @toontrumpet via Facebook

If you want to know more about Toon, visit his official Facebook page @Toonintoart, where he posts about his life as a caveman and a professional artist.

Image credit: @toontrumpet via Facebook

If you’re an artsy person but are more into the culinary arts, then the next person on the list will be a treat for you. 

5. Yo Wongsakorn – shirtless bread vendor

Yo Wongsakorn is a male-model-bread-vendor who went viral for his shirtless pictures back in November 2021

fitspo-motivation-thailandImage credit: Pitt Budsanean via Facebook

This hunky hawker is also a full-time model from Chiang Rai, who quickly became talk of the town among Thai netizens after his pictures were posted on Facebook. 

In addition to selling tasty buns, Yo’s daily activities include hitting the gym to stay in shape. 

Image credit: @yo_wongsakorn via Instagram

If you want to meet him and enjoy some tasty grilled buns, pay a visit to his sister’s bistro, Preaw Cafe, in Chiang Rai. 

We can’t wait to hear about how yummy his (grilled) buns are.

GIF: @Yo_wongsakorn via Instagram

Now, reading about how Yo helps his sister may have you falling in love with a kind-hearted man. At least we are. 

If that’s your type, let’s read along and get to know our next charming and talented fitspo.

6. Nat Sakdatorn – fit & musically talented academic 

If you’re looking for a fitspo who’s both in shape, smart and musically talented, Nat Sakdatorn is the one for you. 

Well-known as a singer and an actor, Nat Sakdatorn is the winner of the fourth season of True Academy Fantasia, one of Thailand’s popular singing competitions and reality shows.

He’s like Aquaman IRL
Image credit: @natsakdatorn via Instagram

This talented man simply has all you want in a perfect guy and will have you ready to propose. 

In addition to getting a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree from Berklee College of Music, Nat is chock-full of talents for playing the piano, drawing, and acting.

Image credit: @natsakdatorn via Instagram

This cutie also loves to exercise a lot. He enjoys doing a wide range of workouts, especially marathon running and weight lifting. 

So, it’s unsurprising that TV producers are often asking him to shoot shirtless scenes.

Image credit: @natsakdatorn via Instagram

However, what makes this writer fall head-over-heels for this man is his positive attitude towards others. Nat is a supporter of gender equality and used to promote a social movement for marriage equality in Thailand. 

If you’re into actors who are passionate about a cause like Nat, then definitely scroll down. 

7. Got Jirayu Tantrakul – wellness advocate and actor 

Number seven on our list is none other than handsome veteran actor, Got Jirayu Thantrakul.

If you’re getting the feeling that you’ve seen him around before, you’re right. He made his first appearance in the Hollywood movie, Gold, where he starred alongside Matthew McConaughey.

Image credit: Sanook

Prior to pursuing his acting career, Got revealed that he used to be bullied for his body when he was young. 

Image credit: Dodeden

Since then, he turned all those negative remarks into positive energy that encouraged him to transform himself from a short, scrawny boy to a professional model who is worthy of being a fitspo. 

He also wrote his own book, Korang Srang Kai, to inspire people to take better care of themselves.

Image credit: @Godfather1632 via Instagram

Also, you may not have seen too many of his posts on social media because this actor prefers to spend his time reading books, meditating, and of course, exercising. 

Now we know how he gets his physique that’s often on the cover of magazines.

Image credit: Attitude Magazine Thailand via Facebook

Speaking of positive attitudes and confidence, the next fitspo on the list has recently gone viral for hers. 

8. Anchilee Scott Kemmiss – #RealSizeBeauty-ful Miss Universe Thailand 2021

To this writer, the only thing sexier than a beautiful face and fit body is a positive attitude that empowers others. That’s why Anchilee Scott-Kemmis definitely deserves a spot on this Fitspo list. 

Image credit: @Annscottkemmis via Instagram

What’s inspiring about this fitspo isn’t only her social movement, #RealSizeBeauty, that encourages people to embrace diverse standards of beauty, but also her reaffirming standpoint against stereotypical beauty standards. 

It’s this type of empowering attitude that landed her a crown in the Miss Universe Thailand 2021 competition.

Image credit: @annscottkemmis via Instagram

In addition to being Thailand’s Miss Universe rep, Anchilee also won Miss Natural Beauty in October 2021

fitspo-motivation-thailandImage credit: @annscottkemmis via Instagram

When it comes to sports, Anchilee is second to none. This 22-year-old queen was the captain of the basketball team and the volleyball team when she was in secondary school and continues to keep in shape.

Image credit: @annscottkemmis via Instagram

Speaking of challenging norms and ideals, our next fitspo is definitely a pioneer in her own right.

9. Nene Naiyanet Sangsaksri – 65-year-old marathon runner who loves fantastical costumes

The next one is Naiyanet “Nene” Sangsaksri, a 65-year-old marathon runner who has been running for the past 17 years.

Image credit: ไปวิ่งกันเถอะ via Facebook

No matter which competition she’s in, Nene steals the spotlight from other runners with her homemade colourful fantastical dresses.

The marathon runner’s inspiration for her costumes is superheroes in Hollywood movies and the different themes of each running event she participates in. 

Image credit: A Day Magazine

In addition to her costumes and fitness abilities, we respect Nene’s reason for exercising a lot despite her age. 

Image credit: ไปวิ่งกันเถอะ via Facebook

Nene’s dedication to her fitness was also clear when she said she wanted to run until she couldn’t run anymore — now that’s a fitspo. 

10. Art Phasut — from a handsome actor to a hot crispy pork seller

Image credit: @art_phasut98 via Instagram

Once an actor with many roles in Thai dramas, Art Phasut boasts a muscular body that quickly grabs attention.

Image credit: @art_phasut98 via Instagram

Currently, he has become a crispy pork seller who attracts a long line of customers. His shop is named คุณชายหมูกรอบ or Khun Chai Moo Krob in English. Whenever he joins an event and sets up his booth stall, crowds will flock to his shop to buy his crispy pork.

We love that he has a positive mindset and believes in hard work. He revealed that he grew up poor and lived his life as a truant but later changed himself for the better. A real inspiration, not just a fitspo.

Image credit: @art_phasut98 via Instagram

He usually inspires people to work hard and dares them to get out of their comfort zone so that they can achieve great things in life. And that includes fitness goals.

If you feel like you need inspiration to get a ripped body, keep checking out his pics on IG.

11. Bebe Thanchanok — YouTube trainer and influencer who started working for her wedding

Image credit: @thisisbebe via Instagram

When it comes to one of the hottest female celebrities in Thailand right now, it’s hard not to mention Bebe Thanchanok. We’re sure many health-minded women will envy her body when they see it.

Image credit: @thisisbebe via Instagram

With many previous roles in her life, ranging from an actress and a singer to a university lecturer, she now is a well-known influencer for her strong and enviable body that empowers a lot of Thai folks to participate in workouts.

Bebe expressed her inspiration to start working out because she wanted to look great in her wedding dress for her upcoming ceremony with her then-boyfriend. She purchased a training course and encouraged her partner to join her. Since then, exercising has become an addiction, leading to her achieving her status today.

She also said watching Victoria’s Secret models had inspired her to have a beautiful body like them, and now her dream is no longer just a dream.

Screenshot: BEBE FIT ROUTINE via YouTube

When people grapple with the drive to exercise, Bebe serves as their go-to Fitspo to get them to work hard and reach their fitness goals. Her continuous motivation inspires people to embark on their fitness voyage, striving for better health and holistic wellness. If you feel like you need some tips or knowledge about fitness, she has her YouTuber channel, BEBE FIT ROUTINE, with over 1.44 million followers worth checking out.

Now she is 36 years old, but her young face can trick you into thinking she’s under 30. And that’s the result of her routine workouts.

12. Mark Abbot — a British fitness influencer who is famous among Thai bodybuilders

Image credit: @markabbott_official via Instagram

The last fitspo on our list goes to Mark Abbott. This bulky man has a fantastic body shape that turns heads whether you’re a man or a woman.

Even though he isn’t Thati, Mark Abbott, a British-South African-born influencer, fell in love with Thailand and decided to live here after having been to many countries earlier. Fun fact, he can speak Thai like a native now.

His recognition started to rise after he created his own Facebook Page called “Thai Top Fitness“. The content on his page is mainly about fitness and health-related knowledge. The page has over 200k followers and has inspired many followers achieve their fitness goals.

Image credit: @markabbott_official via Instagram

Apart from his dedication to workouts and exercises, he also has a keen interest in Thai boxing. He seized the opportunity to work as an MC at Fairtex Fight — a Muay Thai tournament, proudly considering himself a part of the Muay Thai community.

Image credit: @markabbott_official via Instagram

Furthermore, skydiving is also his passion. Guess he likes to have his adrenaline pumping for real.

Reach your 2024 fitness goals with these inspiring fitspos

Start your year right and claim your 2024 fitness goals with the inspiration of these truly fit eye candies. We’re sure that the above list of 12 fitspos will not only keep you on the fitness track but also inspire a conscious commitment to your health as well as aesthetics. 

While progress pics are a strong motivation to keep fit, also remember that the more you work out, the lesser the health risks. If that isn’t encouraging enough, then here’s our motto: with every workout, we become stronger than yesterday. 

We hope that this list can keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals!

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): @markabbott_official via Instagram, @krataersiam8 via Instagram, @josswayar via Instagram

The article was originally published by Tan Supanat in January 2022, and last updated by Bank Fasaisirinan in January 2024.