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10 Bangkok Thai Massage Parlours Near BTS Stations For When Your Feet & Back Ache From Backpacking

Thai massage parlours near Bangkok BTS stations

Although Thais swear by their cars, if you’re a visitor to Bangkok, you’re probably going to be spending 90% of your time travelling on foot. All that walking to all the delicious food stalls and beautiful temples will sure to get your feet sore and make your back hurt. So we’ve compiled a list of some traditional Thai massage parlours, beloved by locals and tourists, that are located near BTS stations.

Here are the spots you want to keep in mind next time you’re backpacking in Bangkok.

What do I need to know before going to a Thai massage?

Thai massages are a full-body experience that’ll help with muscle soreness, especially those you might be experiencing from all that walking in Bangkok. This includes a lot of stretching and stronger massages that might have you yelping at times, but leave you feeling very relaxed by the end.

Before going in, you’ll want to enjoy a light meal comprising of foods like fruits. This’ll help you feel full without being nauseous.

You should also communicate to your massage therapist about what you’re comfortable with. Most of the places on this list will have therapists who are capable of speaking some English, but if need be here’s a few Thai words you’ll want to remember: “ขอหนักๆ (Kho Nak Nak)”  means “heavier please.”

How is a Thai massage different from other types of massages?

Unlike regular massages, you’ll often be on a floor mat or a massage table with supporting handle rails above. That’s because this’ll allow the massage therapist to use their entire body to massage you. Yes, this means they’ll be using their legs, feet, and knees to help you get a full stretch and a stronger massage in.

They’ll also climb on top and all over you so that they can get into position to really manipulate your body into strong stretches that’ll leave your body feeling re-energized.

You’ll also often be fully, but lightly, clothed. This is different from regular full-body massages where you’re expected to taking off your clothes for direct access to your muscles.

1. Healthy Massage Sukhumvit 19: quick massage after a Terminal 21 Asok shopping spree

Image credit: Healthy Massage เฮลท์ตี้ นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ via Facebook

Health Massage Sukhumvit 19 is nice and cosy little spot tucked beside the massive Terminal 21 mall in Asok.

Image credit: Healthy Massage เฮลท์ตี้ นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ via Facebook

Their clean and modern look will quickly soothe your mind, and then their massages will soothe your body. This place is fantastic for people who are staying in hotels near the Asok area or for people who want a break after exploring the nearby Terminal 21 mall.

This is one of the higher-quality budget options in the area with foot massages at ฿350 per hour and Thai massages also at ฿350 per hour. 

Address: 16, 25-26 Sukhumvit 19 Alley, Khlong Toei, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
10am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station:
BTS Asok, MRT Sukhumvit
+66 8 2203 3393 | Google Maps

2. Lek Massage Bangkok – Lek Gold: a luxurious lie-down after downtown shopping

Image credit: Arthit Kanjanapanjapol via wongnai

Lek Massage is a fairly large massage business with 16 branches located around BTS stations in the heart of Bangkok, so you’ll never be far from one. But we want to bring your attention to this particular branch, Lek Gold, located near BTS Phrom Phong. 

With the massage parlour sitting in the midst of the shopping district, this place is perfect for some R&R after some vigorous shopping. 

As clearly indicated by its name and apparent by its decor, this particular branch is one of their luxury ones. With the gratuitous amounts of gold the massage parlour is decked with, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking you’ve gone into a quirky streetside palace. 

Image credit: Arthit Kanjanapanjapol via wongnai

Luckily, their decor isn’t the only thing that is gold. You can expect their massages to give comfort to your aching muscles. 

If the amount of gold didn’t clue you in, this is one of the more luxurious options. Their golden foot massages will set you back ฿350 per hour and their Thai massages will cost you ฿400 per hour.

Address: 1, 4 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Klongton, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
10am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station:
BTS Phrom Phong
Contact: +
66 2081 8784 | Google Maps

3. Olivia Massage: relaxing after a long day at work in Silom

Image credit: 張羽彤 via Google Maps

The Silom area – home to the infamous Patpong, Thailand’s original red light district, and Silom Soi 2 – is home to a lot of businesses based in Bangkok. That’s why the Silom area is also home to a lot of businesses that help office workers wind down and relax for the day, in more ways than one. 

But not everyone wants to wind down that way. So if you find yourself as an expat or working in the Silom area, Olivia Massage is a great place to get a Thai massage without having to worry about being offered “special service”. 

Image credit: kriangkrai jaikham via Google Maps

The one we’re talking about is their number 7 shop which is right between BTS Sala Daeng and MRT Silom. At this mid-range option, their foot massages cost ฿250 an hour and their Thai massages ฿400 .

Most reviews say that they’re quite gentle so if you want to ask for a stronger massage, be sure to say: “ขอหนักๆ (Kho Nak Nak)” which means “heavier please”. 

Address: 28 Si Lom Rd, Khwaeng Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening hours:
10am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Sala Daeng, MRT Silom
Contact: +
66 8 6359 4778  | Google Maps

4. Urban Thai Spa & Massage: premium massages by skilled aunties in the Silom area

Image credit: DJ Yoon via Google Maps

But if Olivia Massage isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for something a bit more premium in Silom, then Urban Thai Spa & Massage will be right up your alley.

The Surawong branch of this massage parlour is at the opposite end of Thaniya Road from the BTS station. They also have branches in Khao San, Patpong, and several others.

Image credit: Nipaporn Sangthien via Google Maps

You can tell from their selection of aunties that you’re about to get a massage that will really loosen you up from a long day’s work. Their foot massages cost ฿400 per hour and their Thai massages cost ฿430 per hour. 

Address: 9 Suriyawong 23-24 Surawong Rd, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening hours:
9am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Sala Daeng, MRT Silom
Contact: +
66 2235 7560 | Google Maps

5. NAPAR Massage: a minimalist massage spot in busy Siam

Image credit: NAPAR Massage via Facebook

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Siam the heart of modern Bangkok. With so many people passing through, any massage parlour here will have to do its best to stand out. NAPAR does it with its minimalist decor and modern vibes.

Image credit: NAPAR Massage via Facebook

Thus far, the massage parlours we’ve recommended either have very down-to-earth street-side Thai vibes or over-the-top luxury. On the other hand, NAPAR looks more like a trendy cafe than a Thai massage parlour. 

Don’t let that fool you though, because they are highly recommended by local customers who come here after hours of walking in the temples and malls. NAPAR is well-regarded for their comfortable seats and cleanliness. 

Plus, at ฿300 per hour each for a foot massage or a Thai massage, it’s quite the bargain given its expensive location.

NAPAR Massage
Address: 392, 27-28 Siam Square Soi 5, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening hours:
11am-11pm, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Siam
Contact: +
66 2658 0922 | Google Maps

6. Nature Thai Massage: a greenery-themed parlour

Image credit: Nature Thai Massage via Facebook

Also in Siam and much like the minimalist massage parlour, Nature Thai Massage also has a trendy vibe to it but with a strong nature lean.

The massage parlour sits snug in Siam Square Soi 5. Despite its tight squeeze, the decor manages to still give you a clean and homey feel with just enough space to feel comfortable.

Image credit: Nature Thai Massage via Facebook

Both locals and visitors recommend their Thai and aromatic massages despite being slightly more pricey compared to other neighbouring massage parlours. 

Their foot massages cost ฿590 per hour and their Thai massages cost ฿790 per hour. Their highly well-received aromatic massage costs ฿1,190 per hour.

Address: 392, 14 Siam Square Soi 5, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening hours:
10am-12 am, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Siam
Contact: +
66 9 9398 9923 | Google Maps 

7. Chaysiri Massage: a budget option in uptown Bangkok

Image credit: Chaysiri Massage via Google Maps

Thonglor has become known as a trendy spot for upmarket and stylish restaurants and residences. Yet amidst all the expensive wines and medium rare steaks, we’ll still fit in a wallet-friendly option for massages.

For those tired after spoiling themselves, Chaysiri provides an excellent massage for a price that will have their bank balance thanking them.

Image credit: Chaysiri Massage via Google Maps

The foot and Thai massages will only cost ฿300 per hour. And with their expansion into the lot next door, you know you won’t have to wait in line for too long. 

Address: 11 Thong Lo Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
9am-11pm, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Thonglor
Contact: +
66 2381 5160 | Google Maps

8. Center Point Massage & Spa: a European touch in Bangkok’s Chinatown

Image credit: Center Point Massage & Spa

The Center Point Massage & Spa on Charoen Krung Road is their Chinatown branch. After touring one of Thailand’s oldest districts, this particular massage will offer you a contrasting view.

Center Point has an upscale European vibe that is a symbol of luxury for Thais. The interior decoration will definitely make you feel as if you’re a European aristocrat living the dream.

Image credit: Center Point Massage & Spa

Their service is also very private and peaceful. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, Center Point’s masseuses will quietly work to loosen your knots away. 

Their foot massages and Thai massages will each cost you only ฿380.

Address: 472 Charoen Krung Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100
Opening hours:
10am-12am, Daily
Nearest train station: MRT Wat Mangkon
Contact: +66 2222 4916 | Google Maps

9. One More Thai Massage: herbal massages with aromatics and tea

Image credit: title_pp via Instagram

One More Thai Massage will have you begging for just that – one more thai massage. They have branches just minutes away from BTS Chit Lom near centralwOrld and BTS Phrom Phong near EmQuartier.

What makes this particular massage parlour special is that they have a focus on aromatics and herbs. They’ll even offer hot tea and a free herbal compress ball to take home after some of their massages.

Image credit: One More Thai Massage via Facebook

We recommend the 1-hour aromatic massage and herbal compress that costs ฿1,550. But if that’s too pricey and you’re looking for something simple, they offer foot massages for ฿720 and Traditional Thai body massages for the same price.

They also offer a traditional Thai costume rental service for travellers who want to get a cool photo with some of the local landmarks.

Address: 993 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening hours:
10am-11.30pm, Weekdays; 10am-12pm, Weekends
Nearest train station: BTS Chit Lom
Contact: +66 2053 6168 | Google Maps

10. Health Land: the parlour everyone knows

Image credit: Hiroshi K. via Google Maps

Anyone who has asked for a Thai massage recommendation has definitely heard of Health Land. Considered a benchmark for Thai massages, you can think of Health Land as the McDonald’s of the massage world. 

Health Land is housed in a huge building and will be packed with people looking to get a massage, so if you’re worried about having to wait in line, we recommend booking on their convenient web form in advance.

Image credit: Krittayaporn S. via Google Maps

Plus, if you are in need of an intense spa treatment, Health Land Sathorn also offers the Vichy Shower Treatment. This hydrotherapy treatment will use a warm cascade of showers to soothe your muscles and stimulate your circulatory system for a deep cleanse. This treatment costs ฿2,500 for a 75-minute session. 

Fun fact: they have branches in Malaysia and Singapore too.

Address: 120 N Sathon Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening hours:
9am-10pm, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Saint Louis
Contact: +66 2637 8883 |
Google Maps

Have a break, have a massage

Gruelling office hours already hurt your body and posture enough. So get the most out of your Thai holiday by first making sure that your body is prepared to enjoy all the amazing experiences that Thailand has to offer.

With so many budget and premium options available, make sure you get a Thai massage so you really feel refreshed in both mind and body before you go back to your daily routine.

For other activities in Thailand that’ll help with your health, here are adventure camps and retreats in Thailand. For a fun way to improve your fitness, here are 6 rock climbing gyms in Bangkok.

Cover image adapted from: Yaimai Massage, Nature Thai Massage, Center Point Massage & Spa, kriangkrai jaikham