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9 Adventure Camps & Retreats In Thailand To Shake Off Work Stress & Get Your Fitness Game On

Adventurous trips in Thailand

Now that we can finally travel again to see the thrills of Thailand’s nature, here are some adventure camps and retreats in the country to hit up.

Spice up your IG feed with a picture of you scuba diving, riding through the mountains on a motorcycle, or chilling in a bamboo hut on a secluded lake at these spots:

1. Visit Natural Detox Resort – holistic fitness and wellness, with long stays

visit natural detox resort - activities
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort and Visit Natural Detox Resort

For those who live in chaotic cities, the stress of work makes escaping to a peaceful place to recharge a good idea.

Visit Natural Detox Resort on Koh Samui puts you near natural attractions and adventurous activities to help you detox from your urban routine by reconnecting you with greenery and serenity.

visit natural detox resort - cycling at koh samui
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort

From ฿14,990 (~USD427.82), you’ll get a cosy 7-night stay in a standard room with daily outdoor challenges, from hiking to cycling to Muay Thai Boxing.

visit natural detox resort - fitness class
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort

These also include daily fitness classes to revitalise yourself, ranging from yoga to cardio and aquafit with experienced trainers who can cater to beginners.

visit natural detox resort - waterfall
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort

Cycle and hike through the nature spots around Koh Samui – you’ll get to see a scenic lush waterfall and breathtaking island scenery along the way.

visit natural detox resort - the wild tribe superfood cafe
The Wild Tribe Superfood Café.
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort

After getting a thorough workout, you can recharge at the resort’s on-site vegan restaurant with a wide selection of tasty vegan dishes that will help you stay healthy for your next adventure to come.

visit natural detox resort - scenery
Image credit: Visit Natural Detox Resort

If one week doesn’t sound enough for you, 15-day Standard Room stays at ฿28,990 (~USD827.39) per person are also available. Plus, you can spring for a 15-day Thai Bungalow stay at ฿32,990 (~USD941.55)/person. The full list of rates including 4-week-long stays is here.

However long you stay, you can be sure to benefit from their combination of physical activities and healthy meals.

Visit Natural Detox Resort
Address: 129 Tambon Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310
Telephone: +66 8 0112 5541
Visit Natural Detox Resort’s website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp, Saraburi – climbing for beginners and advanced rapplers

climber on mountainCatch some sick views of Saraburi’s forest from the top.
Image credit: @ozzyauswin7

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,000

Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp, famously referred to as NPPY, is a climbing paradise for adventurers of all experience levels and travel preferences. Whether you’re just starting out or can lead-climb in your sleep, NPPY has routes for you.

You’ll for sure need a harness to zipline to the climbing routes and other adventures. If you happen to forget your harness – speaking from experience – and need to rent one, NPPY has an on-site pro-shop. Harnesses and climbing shoes go for ฿150/half day (~USD5), ropes cost ฿250/half day (~USD5) and quick draws are rented out at ฿200/half day (~USD7).

NPPY Climbing WomanNPPY offers guided climbing lessons for beginners. There are also often groups of experienced climbers there at a time who would be more than happy to welcome new climbers into the fold.
Image credit: @sadaochaam

Other activities at the camp include kayaking, slacklining, and hanging out at the communal area – a great chance to meet other like-minded travellers. 

nppy climbing campgroundImage credit: @nppycamp

For those who really want to be one with nature, the camp offers tent or hammock space for ฿100/night (~USD3). They also have tree houses for ฿450/night (~USD15), and the Bamboo House, which is ฿650/night (~USD22) for those who prefer a little more privacy. 

Just two hours outside of Bangkok, adventurers can plan weekend as well as day trips.

Nam Pha Pa Yai Climbing Camp
Address: 84 Moo 2 Thaklor district, Kaeng Khoi district 18110, Kaeng Khoi
Contact: +66 8 912 87849
Nam Pha Pa Yai’s

3. Sumalee Boxing Gym, Phuket – Muay Thai resort with aerial yoga

Muay Thai Student with Teacher at SumaleeImage credit: @ladymorana

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,500

Beast mode: on! Sumalee Boxing Gym is a Muay Thai-focused resort in Phuket that promises intense and holistic training. The gym has 60-300 fights under their belt, so you know they’re the real deal.

The gym offers a Standard Package that includes 2 group Muay Thai training sessions a day, access to their aerial yoga studio, and swimming pool. Rates are dependent on the room you choose: a twin room for ฿1,100/night (~USD37) or ฿1,350/night (~USD45) in the private room. Both are air-conditioned BTW, so clock in a chill break after an intense training sesh.

aerial yoga at sumalee boxing gymStretch out muscles in the air with aerial yoga.
Image credit: @rhians_yogagram

Sumalee Boxing Gym
Address: Moo 3, Soi Hua Tha, Sri Sunthon Road, Tha Ruea, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand 83110
Telephone: +66 8 8017 3018

4. Ban’s Diving Resort, Koh Tao – diving courses for all levels

diver with pufferfishImage credit: @bigoceanworld

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿3,500

Though Koh Tao seems to be covered in dive schools, Ban’s Diving Resort here is the busiest. It is also the ideal place for divers travelling with non-diver friends. Instructors are happy to let you customise your class schedule to fit your plans. For example, you could choose to do class in the AM, and catch up with your friends in the afternoon. You could also opt to do a dive at night. 

Hang out by one of the 4 swimming pools, take a tour of their organic vegetable garden and oasis, or listen to live music at their beachfront bar. 

The resort has classes for beginner divers, tech divers, and aspiring diving professionals. An Open Water Diver course costs ฿11,000/person (~USD365), and Advanced Open Water course is ฿10,000/person (~USD332). For divers who are already certified and looking to do some fun dives, it is about ฿1,000/dive (~USD33). Each fun dive gets cheaper as you buy more dives.

Ban's Diving Resort Pool VillaImage credit: Agoda

Standard accommodation includes a bed in the dorm room which is ฿300/night (~USD10), a fan room priced at ฿400/night (~USD13), or an aircon room for ฿800/night (~USD27). The more deluxe rooms, which include breakfast, start at ฿1,500/night (~USD50) and go up to ฿5,500/night (~USD183) for a pool villa.

three divers underwaterBonus: Thai lakorn enthusiasts can sometimes run into their favorite Channel 3 or 7 stars who frequent the resort.
Image credit: @bella_campen

Ban’s Diving Resort
Address: Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand
Telephone: +66 7 745 6466

5. Khao Sok Riverside Cottages, Surat Thani – customisable jungle tours with a hot spring soak

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿2,000

River Houses on Khao Sok National ParkImagine waking up to a direct view of the water from your hut.
Image credit: @bettina__h

Khao Sok National Park boasts some serious nature porn: winding rivers, mystical hiking trails, and serene lakes. Khao Sok Riverside Cottages has a 4-Day 3-Night Jungle Tour where you can see it all. 

For ฿5,600/person (~USD186), guests can customise their Jungle Tour to be an adventure-packed trip, one that focuses on relaxation, or something in between. The first day offers a choice between canoeing or tubing down the river, and a night safari or a traditional Thai massage for the evening.

Photographer on Longtail Boat in KhaosokServing some Indiana Jones realness, the canoe/tubing trip is the perfect place to debut your favorite bucket hat.
Image credit: @tidnuad

The second and third days are centered around an overnight trip to Cheow Lan Lake, where you can stay in a traditional bamboo floating bungalow. Wake up among the morning mist in the middle of a lake, and start your third day with a hike. The fourth day offers a half-day hike or a soak in some hot springs.

Khao Sok Hiker In Forest Take a hike through the National Park’s lush green forests for some major Tarzan vibes.
Image credit: @elenabatsyan

Khao Sok Riverside Cottages
Address: 230 Moo 6 Soi Natai, Klong Sok, Surat Thani 84250
Telephone: +66 7 7395 159

6. TBB Motorcycle Adventures, Chiang Mai – tour the wilderness off-road

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,500

Motorcycles have a bad rep for being dangerous. In a city where traffic rules don’t exactly apply and people seem to have no fear, that’s totally valid. 

Avoid all this by heading to the north of Thailand, where it’s more serene. TBB Motorcycle Adventures offers tours along Chiang Mai’s mountains, valleys, and rivers. 

Motorcyclists in armor and motorcross bootsImage credit: Thai Bike Tours

For ฿6,000/rider (~USD199), guests can choose between a road or off-road one-day-tour of Chiang Mai. The price includes lunch, a helmet, motorcycle jacket (time to channel your inner Rosa Diaz), and insurance. Those who are less inclined to drive a bike can sign up as a passenger for ฿1,500 (~USD50). 

biker over bridge in ThailandOff-road adventures include body armour and motocross boots.
Image credit:

TBB Motorcycle Adventures
Address: 438/13 Chiang Mai Land Soi 7, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Telephone: +66 8 3865 0935

7. Dolphin Queen Liveaboard, Khao Lak – live on a dive boat for easy access to the sea

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,800

The Dolphin Queen Liveaboard is an all-inclusive diving cruise that leaves from Khao Lak. As its name suggests, a liveaboard is where you live aboard a dive boat for your chosen duration. This is best suited for divers who want to cut through the down-time and have a trip solely focused on diving in the Similan & Surin Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock. 

diver with batfishImage credit: @afuseacrets

Depending on your departure dates and cabin choices, the Dolphin Queen’s rates start from ฿14,000/person (~USD465) in a 4-person cabin to ฿25,340/person (~USD842) for a Double private cabin for 4 days and 3 nights. The price includes all meals, rental equipment, dives, snacks, and 1 towel.

liveaboard deckAmenities like water are available for free throughout the trip. Soft drinks and alcohol can be purchased separately, as well as packaged snacks. The crew prepares all meals, which include cut fruit throughout the day for guests.
Image credit: NoTroublesJustBubbles

Dolphin Queen Liveaboard
Telephone: +66 7 6485 470
Address: Departs from Khao Lak

8. Siam Bike Tours, Phuket – cycle near Phuket with all-in food and accoms

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,500

While Bangkok has started adding more cycling routes, the options are limited to urban views. Siam Bike Tours is offering a 4 day trip from Phuket to Khao Sok National Park, and back. 

biker on trailImage credit: @onestep4ward

Prices start at ฿19,000/person (~USD631), and includes accommodation, breakfast and national park fees.

Woman in front of Khao Sok lake Trip highlights include Khao Yai National Park (pictured), James Bond Island, and Khao Lak Beach
Image credit: @_kkwangtoong_

For those who need to rent a bike for the tour, the shop offers a Canyon Aluminium Endurance for ฿3,200 (~USD107) without insurance, and ฿3,600 (~USD120) with insurance. Another option for more experienced cyclists is the Canyon Carbon Ultimate DI2, that presents electronic gear shifting, for ฿7,000 (~USD233) with insurance and ฿6,000 (~USD200) without.

Cyclists in front of Siam Bike ToursFor solo tours, Siam Bike Tours charge ฿4,000 to compensate for the group price. So, bring a friend and lower the cost!
Image credit: @etre_la_lanterne_rouge

Siam Bike Tours
Address: Boat Avenue @ Laguna 21/9 Lagoon Road, Choeng Thale, Thalang, Phuket 83110
Telephone: +66 7 6324 211 / +66 8 9730 7441

9. Chiang Rai Buggy Tour – ride ATVs through cool terrain

Roundtrip transportation: from ฿1,000

Nope, not a horse-and-buggy – an All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) that looks less like a motorcycle with giant wheels and more like a badass golf cart. Live out your Jurassic Park fantasy by riding through Chiang Rai’s mountains in one of these bad boys.

ATV Buggy in Chiang RaiImage credit: @amp.nongyai

Chiang Rai ATV charges ฿5,500/person (~USD166) for a full day tour of the region. The first half of the day is focused on getting you comfortable driving your own buggy, and is less mountainous. The path gets more off-road towards the end of the day when you head towards the waterfall.

Chiang Rai Karen TribeImage credit: Oriental Escape
The tour highlights include the Karen Village tribe (pictured) and the Haunted Fishing Lake, where legend states fishermen have been pulled overboard by giant fish.

The cost includes lunch, and buggy rental. All of Chiang Rai ATV’s buggies have seat belts and rolling cages. Rolling cages work to protect drivers from high speed crashes by shielding them from external elements, while also being  flexible enough to dissipate the energy away from the driver.  

Chiang Rai ATV
Address: 1025/8 Jed Yod Soi 3, Muang Chiang Rai, 57000
Telephone: +66 9 3270 5626

Thailand’s most thrilling trips

Contrary to what The Chainsmokers say, we are indeed getting older – so take charge and make this year the one where you choose your own adventure.

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Cover image adapted from Visit Natural Detox Resort and Ban’s Diving Resort