TH TH DAH: traditional Thai dishes you might not see anywhere else

Oftentimes, the mark of an excellent Thai restaurant is open air, cramped plastic seats, and dented aluminum tables with cheap food of questionable hygiene. But not always. TH TH DAH (ธธดา) is one such restaurant that is tucked away between two positively ancient shophouses. 

TH TH DAH (ธธดา) is one of the best examples of medium price range Thai cooking. They are known for their traditional homestyle Thai cooking, but done with the meticulous care of a chef that’s worked in Japanese-style izakayas. 

Here’s what we think about this quaint restaurant and the unique homemade food they offer.

Old family recipes with each dish handmade

TH TH DAH's shopfront which features a minimal and clean look in contrast to the busy urban shophouses of Bangkok
Image credit: @ta_padanat via Instagram

The best part about home cooking is that each dish is made for you. TH TH DAH embodies that – each dish is made to order, with the exception of things that take hours to cook. In fact, you can even see into their kitchen and see them cook your dish live. 

As if that weren’t enough as a mark of care, the chef used to work in an izakaya so you know each plate has that meticulous care so that it’s as much as a feast for your eyes as it is for your mouth. 

A bowl of Chinese five spice beef stew with salted eggs.
Image credit: @luckiiwinnie via Instagram

Many of the dishes here are also family recipes that the chef would use to cook for his own family. A lot of them are also quite old and traditional, the sort of thing you might not expect to find in most Thai restaurants. 

TH TH DAH - Kaeng Run Chuan, also known as the "yearning" curry
Image credit: @t.abhirak via Instagram

With that said, we recommend that you try their pha lo nuea khua khai khem (พะโล้เนื้อคั่วไข่เค็ม, Chinese five-stew beef stew with salted duck egg) and kaeng run chuan si khrong on (เเกงรัญจวนซี่โครงอ่อน, “Yearning” curry with pork ribs). Both are perfect to share with a party of two or more. 

A clean vibe, an open kitchen, and a moderate price

A table for four with a clear view of the open kitchen at TH TH DAH
Image credit: @khunying_srlyki via Instagram

With its white marbled floors and white paint, TH TH DAH exudes a clean vibe. The open kitchen where you can see the cooking done only adds to this feel. 

A table of mouthwatering dishes from TH TH DAH
Image credit: @luckiiwinnie via Instagram

The food is also served on kitchenware that is slightly fancy but still retains a very Thai vibe with its patterns. 

One thing to note is that food here will be a bit pricier than street food. You can expect to pay around ฿300-600 per person. However, we think it’s well worth it for the care that goes into each dish. 

Enjoy homemade traditional Thai dishes at TH TH DAH

Thai food doesn’t always have to be enjoyed in the hot Bangkok air in cramped shophouses. At TH TH DAH, the shophouse is spacious and air-conditioned. The delicious food and rare recipes are well worth shelling out a bit more than you’re used to. 

For more old school Thai dishes in small restaurants, check out Garlic for their crab omelettes, Tow Pochana for their Chinese duck stew, and The Local for vintage family recipes in an upscale setting.

Address: 74 76 Arun Amarin Road, Bang Yi Khan, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 11am-2pm, 4.30-9.30pm from Monday-Friday, 11am-9.30pm on weekends
Contact: +66 6 5237 0966 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from:@ta_padanat via Instagram and @luckiiwinnie via Instagram

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