P. Kung Phao (ป.กุ้งเผา) for Friday night music and drinks

If you’re just moving into the Pinklao area for the first time, you’re going to need a new watering hole. P. Kung Phao Pinklao (ป.กุ้งเผา สาขาปิ่นเกล้า) is the spot that locals go to for drinks once the weekend starts. The bar restaurant is famous for its lively atmosphere and live music that has featured some of Thailand’s biggest names.

Here’s what you’ll want to know before you drop in to P. Kung Phao for your first drink.

Lively restaurant that is essentially a Thai-style pub

The entrance to P. Kung Phao with tons of neon signs.
Image credit: @mujarin.hianghai.5 via Instagram

P. Kung Phao serves your standard fanfare of Thai food so that you or anyone in your party won’t go starving. But people don’t come here for the food. 

Don’t get me wrong, the food is quite nice and will certainly get the job done. But if you’re not here to let loose, then you’re doing something wrong. 

A packed night at P. Kung Phao
Image credit: @jack_chinchang via Instagram

Once you step inside, you’ll notice straight away that this restaurant is more akin to a huge pub with professional audiovisual systems. Don’t be surprised if your dinner table is lit by neon lights. 

For locals living around the Pinklao area, this is the spot to be for huge crowds, good live music deep into the night. 

A popular venue for local artists

Thai band Bodyslam putting on a show at P. Kung Phao
Image credit: @supra_slam via Instagram

P. Kung Phao is so popular with locals that it’s often chosen as a spot for local artists to host a concert.

The bar restaurant has played host to famous musicians like Da Endorphine, Cocktail, Carabao (คาราบาว), and many more.

Get your Friday night drinks at P. Kung Phao

Despite the name literally meaning Thai-style grilled shrimp, they’re not known for their huge shrimps but rather for the huge headliners that put on a show at their venue. So end your work week with a bang by grabbing drinks at P. Kung Phao where you’ll get both a huge crowd and some of the best music in the country. 

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Address: QFMC+3VP, 113 Borommaratchachonnani Rd, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 6pm-2am, Daily
Contact: +66 8 9079 3085 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @mujarin.hianghai.5 via Instagram and @supra_slam via Instagram

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