ROUND TABLE is a homey eatery serving Thai-Western fusion dishes

Living outside of urban Bangkok, it can be hard to find quality Western-style food that is neither a chain restaurant nor a wallet emptying affair. Luckily, if you’re around the Pinklao (ปิ่นเกล้า) area, ROUND TABLE on Sirindhorn Road (ถนนสิรินธร) will hit the spot for your Western food cravings.

Here’s our recommended dishes and their signature ambiance.

Reasonably-priced homemade Thai-Western fusion dishes

The entrance to ROUND TABLE which is littered with greenery.
Image credit: @zpamzii via Instagram

While Bangkok has a potential claim to the title of food capital of the world with its affordable street food and ease of finding cuisine from just about anywhere in the world, once you enter the suburbs, it becomes a different beast. 

A table of Thai-Western fusion dishes served at ROUND TABLE.
Image credit: @natee_daily via Instagram

Finding good Thai-Western fusion cuisine becomes a bit of a challenge even if there’s a bunch of street food vendors around. ROUND TABLE, however, has homemade dishes like quesadillas, spaghetti, stews, and lasagnas for very reasonable prices.

A plate of roasted duck tacos.
Image credit: @hopmaneena via Instagram

If you’re flying solo, we recommend trying their spaghetti nam tok kor moo (สปาเก็ตตี้ น้ำตกสันคอหมู), which is spaghetti with Isaan grilled pork neck salad. But if you’re there with friends, then a bunch of shared dishes are also worth trying like the roasted duck tacos or naem (แหนม, Isaan-style sausage) lasagna.

A restaurant hidden behind the trees amidst the concrete

The homey interior of ROUND TABLE that is full of knick knacks.
Image credit: @zpamzii via Instagram

ROUND TABLE is located on Sirindhorn Road. So if you miss it, it’ll be a while before finding a U-Turn. Keep an eye out for a particularly jungly-looking portion of road because this restaurant is neatly tucked behind those trees. It’s just a bit past the huge mall called Tang Hua Seng Thonburi (ตั้งฮั่วเส็ง ธนบุรี), a rather aged building. 

Locals praise ROUND TABLE for its ambiance. Apart from the trees and plants that make it stand out from all the concrete, the interior is cozy and feels put together by hand. Combined with the homemade food, the mismatching chairs and various knick knacks really give it a homey feel.

Book ROUND TABLE in advance

The entrance of ROUND TABLE hidden away by the trees and plants.
Image credit: @roundtable_homemade via Instagram

A downside of its homey and personal touch is that ROUND TABLE offers limited tables within their premises. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to book in advance if you’re thinking of visiting during dinner time or on the weekends.

You can find their contact information below.

Enjoy Thai-Western fusion in the suburbs with ROUND TABLE

Urban Bangkok is a sprawling playground with plenty of opportunities for food, fun, and foolery. But it can also feel mass-produced, mechanical, and mundane. ROUND TABLE in the suburbs of Bangkok is an antithesis to the things you want to get away from with its homemade and personal feel. In that way, it is truly an oasis in the concrete desert.

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Address: Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Bumru, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, closed Wednesdays
Contact: +66 6 4641 9166 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from:@natee_daily via Instagram and @zpamzii via Instagram

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