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Tow Pochana Is A 50-Year Eatery Famous For Tender Braised Duck & Hidden In A Small Soi

Tow Pochana: Hidden restaurant with delicious braised duck

Some of Bangkok’s best food is hidden away in small, tight sois that’ll barely fit one car. Tow Pochana is one such hidden restaurant on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya. This 50-year-old eatery is famous for its tender stewed duck.

Here’s where you can find this eatery and its famous duck.

Delicious and tender braised duck

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Many restaurants will boast menus as thick as a dictionary, but not Tow Pochana. Their menu is only 15 items, but what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for with quality. 

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Regulars will tell you that any dish at this restaurant will satisfy you, but one dish stands above the rest. Their Chinese braised duck, called ped palo (เป็ดพะโล้) in Thai, is renowned for its tenderness as well as its sweet, salty taste with hints of spice. 

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The other dish that regulars will recommend to you is the stir-fried shrimp with green peppers, called goong pad prik yuak (กุ้งผัดพริกหยวก). The restaurant doesn’t add water during the cooking process, so the flavours of the stir-fried dish are intensified for a crispy and delicious bite. 

Hidden in a small soi

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Although Tow Pochana is very popular with locals in the Rat Burana district, it’s hidden away quite deep in a soi. 

The trick we use to easily find Rat Burana Soi 16, the one that Tow Pochana is located in, is that the soi is the one directly across from a Big C. Then, it’s just a matter of walking around 5 minutes into the very tight soi to find the restaurant. 

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If you’re driving, the restaurant has its own parking lot which will fit around 10 or so cars. 

The entrance is through the parking lot as the main streetside entrance is locked all day. 

Try Tow Pochana’s popular braised duck

With delicious duck that has kept the restaurant in business for over 50 years, Tow Pochana is worth a trip across the river.

Tow Pochana (โต๋วโภชนา)
69 Rat Burana Soi 16, Suk Sawat Rd, Bang Pakok, Rat Burana, Bangkok 10140
Opening hours:
11am-2pm, Daily

+66 2427 6449 | Google Maps

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Cover image adapted from: @thaifoodwriter and @ynyam_ynyam_1565