Red Cross Fair 2023

The Red Cross Fair commenced back in 1922, marking this year as its 100th anniversary. This event has been a longstanding tradition, consistently providing us with wonderful experiences year after year, offering a diverse array of delectable street food and engaging activities.

And this year is no different! The Red Cross Fair 2023 is making a comeback, promising a lively atmosphere filled with an abundance of street food stalls and carnival games for everyone to relish. The fair will run from the 8th to the 18th of December, ensuring a fantastic time for all who attend.

A lively big fair held in Lumphini Park in central Bangkok

Screenshot: JWINTHAI via YouTube

Red Cross Fair 2023 is a large fair taking place in Lumphini Park which is a huge green space in the middle of Bangkok, surrounded by many skyscrapers. The fair starts from 11am to 10pm; thus, you can explore this all day if you have time.

Anyway, visiting the fair during the night time can be better as it’s not hot as it is during the day. Moreover, the place looks more lively with glowing lights around it, allowing you to get food and munch on it on a grassy field.

Image credit: @yuybaifern via Instagram

Needless to say, the fair offers loads of food options, ranging from BBQ and bubble tea to mango sticky rice. One thing that we find worth trying is Ovaltine and Milo; they say they’re the highlights of this fair. So, try it out and see if you’ll like it.

Screenshot: Silent Sightseer via YouTube

While strolling around, you might find yourself attracted by the elegance of a traditional Thai dance. This art form is intricately woven into the fabric of Thai culture, and you can commonly see this kind of performance at religious practices, ceremonies, or festivals.

Image credit: @yinkkblots via Instagram

As you might have expected, the Red Cross Fair doesn’t only have street food but also amusement activities you can enjoy, such as a Ferris wheel, a carousel, a target shooting, a haunted house and many more.

Getting here is really simple. You can just take the MRT to either the Lumpini station or the Silom station and then walk to the park in about 2 minutes. We recommend not driving a car here because it’s hard to find a space to park it.

Explore the Red Cross Fair 2023 till 18 Dec

With its 10-day duration, it’s impossible to miss this fun fair. Hundreds of food here await to satisfy your appetite. All you have to do is get your money ready for the food and activities here. Hope you enjoy your trip here.

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Cover image adapted from: @cnatt29 via Instagram and @yinkkblots via Instagram

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