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Guide To Maximising The Last Of Your Annual Leave In December 2023

Maximising Annual Leave In December 2023

If you think Thailand has a ton of public holidays, you’re about to be shocked by just how much time you off by maximising your annual leave in December 2023. But taking time off is more than just getting as many days off as possible, it’s also about how to spend those days off effectively.

Here’s how locals make the most out of their time off.

1.) Turn the long weekends into looong weekends

Image credit: โรงพิมพ์ปฏิทิน.com

This year, two of Thailand’s holidays fall neatly near the start of the first two weeks of December.

Our first tip is to take leave on the first Monday of December on the 4th. This means that you’ll get a four-day weekend since it’s Father’s Day on the 5th. 

The following Monday, the 11th, is also a day off because it’s a substitute for our Constitution Day. So if you have 4 days of leave left, spending it all on the first week of December on the 4th and 6th-8th will mean that you get the entire week off and also have a late start to the second week. 

Our final tip comes at the end of the month where the 29th is a special day-off. Combining it with Christmas that week on Monday, you can turn it into another week off if you have another 3 days of leave left if your company lets you have Christmas off.

2.) Watch out for traffic at the start & end of the holidays, but enjoy it during the weekend

Image credit: มิตรภาพสัญจร THAILAND via Facebook

All roads lead to Bangkok. What this means for us in this holiday-filled December is that tons of people from around Thailand will go home during the long weekends. So expect traffic leading into and out of Bangkok to be extra horrendous. 

Surprisingly though, the traffic in Bangkok during the weekend will be light. So if you’re looking for a good drive around Bangkok during the weekends, this might be the best time. 

Personally, I’d use this time to check out the ends of Bangkok. There are some pretty cool spots out on the Thonburi-side of the city that you may have been reluctant to check out because you’d need to drive there. 

3.) Double-check if your favourite street food stalls are closed!

Image credit: @dontrie513 via Instagram

Another point that you should not forget to consider is that tons of street food stalls will be closed during the long weekends. A lot of these stalls are run by people who aren’t native to Bangkok, so they’re going home for the break. 

Double-check if your local vendor is going home before dropping by just to get disappointed. I’ve been burned so many times in the past because food in Thailand never seems to be on holiday.

4.) Focus on feeling refreshed

Image credit: Kettisag Prasanpan via Unsplash

It’s been a long year. We all deserve this long break we’re about to get, so the best thing to do is to make sure you actually feel like you’re rested. 

Turn off all your work notifications and emails. If you’re a homebody, then stay home. If you’re looking to travel, make sure you have your plans in order.

5.) Explore underappreciated parts of Thailand

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a knowledgeable local, the usual suspects for Thailand like Phuket, Krabee, or Pai might get a bit tedious. 

Yet if you just go off the beaten track, then you’ll find plenty of places that’ll remind you of the natural charms of Thailand that made you fall in love with the country in the first place. 

Like a small village in the mountains that sits along one road, a former mining town that is engulfed throughout the year by a beautiful mist, or cherry blossoms beside a strawberry farm. If these interest you, check out our guide to unconventional Thai holiday experiences.

6.) Get a head start on your new year’s resolutions…or rushing last year’s

Image credit: @krumuaythaiassociation via Instagram

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Getting fit in Thailand can be both rewarding physically as well as mentally. 

Plenty of parks in Bangkok are perfect for morning walks or jogs. What’s even better, though, is to join a muay thai gym, and get fit while learning self-defence.

7.) Pick up a new hobby and make friends through meet up

Image credit: @phromlikhit_complex via Instagram

The holidays are a great time to make new friends outside work or school. Meetup is a great tool for picking up a new hobby as well as friends. 

There are plenty of options to consider, including board games. Yes, we play DnD here too. 

But if you’re curious about some of the most popular pastimes here, Thais love playing badminton. There’s always a large group at every court that’s willing to take walk-ins, so don’t be shy because they’re always looking for a new face.

How to make the most of your annual leave in December

If you’re strategic about your December, you can spend more days off than on. And if your 2023 has been going as well as mine, you’re going to want those days off. So use this guide to maximise your annual leave in December 2023 and end your year in a bang.

For those looking for the perfect holiday playlist, check out these top Thai songs. But if you’re looking to save money this month, check out our guide to cheap food in Silom.

Cover image adapted from: @phromlikhit_complex via Instagram, via Instagram, มิตรภาพสัญจร THAILAND via Facebook