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Besides being home to The Commons Sala Daeng, Silom is a popular commercial district that is also known for offering some of Bangkok’s most famous food stalls. Being easily accessible by both the BTS and the MRT, Silom attracts many young foodies seeking a meal that they can’t believe is this cheap.

These are our selections on 7 incredible Silom street food stalls that are both cheap and mouthwatering – you won’t be able to ignore these stalls when you’re in the area.

1. Nai Meng Crab Noodle (นายเม้งบะหมี่ปู) – their shrimp wontons have garnered the praises of many Thai celebrities

Silom Food

You can’t say you’ve been to Nai Meng Crab Noodle before trying their noodle with shrimp wontons. This comes with wontons stuffed with fresh shrimp, crispy pork belly, sweet slices of BBQ pork and shiitake mushrooms. Wash it all down with some warm herbal soup that comes along with the noodles. 

Silom Food

The store also offers herbal juices like chrysanthemum tea or lemonade & butterfly pea tea. These drinks are refreshing and you can add some ice to cool down a little more.

Address: 183 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 9.30am-9pm, Monday-Thursday; 9am-11pm, Friday; 10am-11pm, Saturday; 10am-9.30pm, Sunday
Contact: +66 9 9363 5462 | Google Maps

2. Kuay Teow Khae (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวแคะโคตรเครื่อง คอนแวนต์) – tom yum noodle joint that is so cheap but still delicious, it feels like a steal

Tucked away in Silom’s Soi Convent is Kuay Teow Khae. It’s a Silom street food staple, which sells tom yum noodles that are beloved by locals in the area. Inspired by Chinese Hakka noodles, this noodle spot serves up its specialty dish with unique toppings like tofu balls.

Silom Food

Try the Tom Yum Noodle Jumbo that comes with toppings like BBQ pork, crispy pork belly, and tofu balls. 

Silom Food

Thanks to the combination of seasonings and robust tom yum paste, this dish has a burst of flavour in every bite. Also, there are many homemade juices such as Chrysanthemum, Roselle Juice, or Longan Juice.

Address: 5 Convent Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 7am-2pm, closed Sundays and Mondays
Contact: +66 8 9775 2244 | Google Maps

3. Bundit Kim Hainanese Chicken Rice (บัณฑิตคิมข้าวมันไก่คอนแวนต์) – tender chicken rice with portions named after Thai degrees

Silom Food

Who doesn’t love chicken rice? This street food might be simple, but is one of the most famous and affordable dishes well-loved by locals and tourists.

Silom Food

The portion sizes are quirkily named after Thai education levels, and we recommend going with Parinya Tree (ปริญญาตรี, lit. Bachelor’s Degree), a regular-sized portion that includes a generous amount of chicken atop fragrant rice and fresh sliced cucumber.

Address: Convent Rd., Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 6.30am-2pm, closed weekends
Contact: +66 8 9481 9892 | Google Maps

4. Khao Gaeng Pa Jaew (ร้านข้าวแกงป้าแจ๋ว) – Thai curry rice shop with plenty of options for only ฿40 per topping

Image credit: @ballyevent_666 via Instagram

Khao Gaeng (ข้าวแกง) is Thailand’s version of economy rice. Literally meaning “curry on rice”, these stalls allow you to pick and choose what you’d like from a ready-made array of dishes.

Khao Gaeng Pa Jaew has over 10 Thai dishes from curries and stews, which is served with warm rice. Prices start as low as ฿30 per topping, making this a super cheap lunch option. 

Located right behind Silom Complex, it’s a great option for a super cheap meal with variety.

Address: 30/22 Si Lom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 6am-4pm, Daily
Contact: +66 8 8198 4230 | Google Maps

5. Talay Tord Sala Daeng (ทะเลทอด ศาลาแดง) – moreish fried seafood snacks that’ll make you forget you’re full

Has anyone ever felt full but can’t help eating more? Well, get ready for Talay Tord Sala Daeng, a snack trolley where you can expect appetising seafood bites that will make your mouth water no matter how stuffed you are. 

Silom Food
This street cart is super popular with the locals, so expect long (but fast moving) queues!

The simple yet delicious snack items sold here are fried shrimp, fried crab, and fried squid .

Everything comes in bite-sized pieces so that it’s easy to dine on while on the go. Don’t forget to try your munchies with the stall’s special dipping pineapple chilli sauce –  it might be a little spicy, but it’s worth the pain. 

Silom Food

Read our full review here.

Address: Saladaeng Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 12pm-9pm, closed Mondays
Telephone: +66 9 6686 4321 | Google Maps

6. Pungdet (ปังเด็ด สีลม) – modern Thai bread snacks with generous sweet and savoury stuffings

Silom Food

Pungdet is a grilled bread store that sells stuffed buns with all sorts of fillings, from strawberry cream cheese to savoury smoked salmon – all with prices starting from less than $1. Begin with savoury flavours such as smoked salmon, which has slices of salmon, cream cheese, and a touch of wasabi. We also tried ham & cheese, which is blowtorched to give the cheese a deliciously gooey texture.

Silom Food

Finish up with customer-favourite strawberry cream cheese, that comes filled with berry sauce and creamy cheese. If you prefer simple old-school flavours, you can always opt for classics like Thai tea custard, and pandan custard.

Location: Outdoor food plaza behind Silom Complex, Sala Daeng 2 Alley, 10500
Opening Hours: 9.30am-5pm, closed Sundays
: +66 9 7292 7513 | Google Maps

7. Charoen Saeng Silom (ขาหมูเจริญแสงสีลม) – 60+ year-old braised pork leg recipe recognized by Michelin

Image credit: @iamweiping via Instagram

Charoen Saeng Silom is one of Bangkok’s legendary food stalls. It’s the one Silom food street you should try if you can’t try anything else. This one serves braised pork leg, or khao kha mu (ข้าวขาหมู).

Their reputation and Bib Gourmand is well-deserved. Khao kha mu is notoriously hard to do well and Charoen Saeng avoids the common pitfalls – excessive greasiness and saltiness.

The over 60-year-old recipe has been refined to perfection to create a buttery bite that is well-balanced and full of umami. And much like legendary Thai food stalls, you can expect lightning quick service, even if the servers are a bit aloof.

Read our full review here.

Address: 492/6 Soi Charoen Krung 49, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening hours: 
7am-1pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2234 8036 | Google Maps

Get cheap and good food in Bangkok with Silom street food

Silom street food are incredibly popular because they offer cheap but incredible meals. They are frequented by locals and some have even been around for over decades – so you know you’re in for a treat. Drop by Silom when in Bangkok for a satisfying food adventure you won’t get back home.

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Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Thailand

Article originally published by Korapon Kanchanabundhu in February 2020. Last updated by buranond in November 2023. 

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