BLACKPINK’s Lisa updates

Dear big fans of Lisa from BLACKPINK, we understand your enthusiasm for keeping up with this beloved idol, and how exciting stories about her can be an absolute joy to uncover.

Recently, fascinating tidings have emerged about her. From being honoured at the Bukingham Palace with other BLACKPINK members to her celebration of joining Spotify’s Billion Club, here are the latest news roundup about our beloved Lisa from BLACKPINK that shows you that she truly is the best of the best.

Lisa and BLACKPINK members meet with King Charles at Buckingham Palace

lisa blackpink ygImage credit: Prachachat

BLACKPINK members, including Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose, received their honourary Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for their contributions as COP26 Advocates during the 2021 COP26 Summit in Glasgow. The MBEs were conferred on them by King Charles at Buckingham Palace, with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in attendance.

Back in July, they became the first K-pop group to give a performance at the BST Hyde Park Festival in central London, entertaining a crowd of 65,000 enthusiastic spectators in a sold-out concert.

Lisa celebrates after joining Spotify’s Billion Club

GIF: @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

About two weeks ago, Lisa shared a short clip on her Instagram account, showcasing her cooking skills with a Thai-style omelette and rice. Additionally, she proudly displayed Spotify’s Billions Club trophy in the video, celebrating her achievement as the first female K-pop artist to join the club. This milestone was reached after her song “Money” surpassed 1 billion listens on the platform.

The post includes a caption that reads, ‘Honored to join the Billions Club💸 Thank you to @spotify and my listeners around the world for making this possible.'”

And, lately, she has reached up to 99 million followers on her Instagram account, making her the first K-pop idol who hit 99 million followers on IG.

Her contract with YG Entertainment is still up in the air

lisa blackpink ygImage credit: @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Lisa’s decision on whether to continue her contract with YG Entertainment has been tracked closely by fans within the K-pop sphere after some reports indicated that she wouldn’t extend the contract with the company. Anyway, YG Entertainment hasn’t given clear statements regarding the topic so far but said they had still been in the discussion process.

YG Entertainment voiced that only two members of the group agreed to extend their group contract with the agency, but no names were disclosed.

Updates on BLACKPINK Lisa

We’re thrilled about her accomplishments and success. She’s a talented, delightful artist, and she has our complete support.

Regarding her contract with YG Entertainment, we’re closely monitoring the situation but ultimately, we’re content with whatever decision she decides to make.

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Cover image adapted from: @fanaccount_lethi via TikTok, @lalalalisa_m via Instagram, and @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

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