Kway Teow Burma for your Burmese noodles craving

Phahurat or Little India is an old neighbourhood where Indian food lovers usually set foot when they long for spicy flavourful Indian dishes as the area has an abundance of Indian restaurants. But, other than Indian restaurants, it has a not-so-secret little store that serves Burmese noodle dishes.

Kway Teow Burma is a little store with a big reputation for its various Burmese dishes that noodles fans must try. So, If you have never tried Burmese noodles before, sample it here for your inaugural experience.

Try out Burmese dishes for ฿50

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Kway Teow Burma is a small eatery tucked away in Phahurat. Despite its mediocre appearance, its Burmese noodles can leave an impression on you.

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Burmese noodles are not common in Thailand, so it’s okay if you don’t know what it looks like. But if you have a fondness for noodles, we’d say you wouldn’t miss the chance to try it.

So, the first dish that’s worth ordering once you’re here is Tohu Pyaw at ฿50 (~USD1.41). It’s savoury chickpea noodles made of sesame oil, peanuts, soy sauce, and chilli oil.

Kway Teow Burma
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The second dish to go for is Dried Khao Soi. It’s not the Khao Soi dish that Thais usually eat, but it is less soupy, added with small white noodles, and topped with crispy flour pieces and dried shrimp. It’s a Burmese style and you can smell Burmese herbs in it.

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That’s not all. You can also explore its other dishes as well. All dishes are priced at ฿50 (~USD1.41). Hopefully, the food here will please your palate.

Enjoy your experience with Burmese noodles

You might find Burmese noodles elsewhere but if you ever happen to be in Phahurat, this cheap Burmese noodles restaurant is ready to serve you. And, after you try it, come back and let us know how you like it.

To visit Phahurat, you can take the MRT to Sam Yod Station and walk to the restaurant in about seven minutes.

Also, feel free to explore Khanom Tokyo St. Louis 3, Hungry Nerd a Western-style steakhouse, and the PIT Master which is a Texas-style low’n’slow BBQ joint.

Address: Phahurat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Opening hours:
10.30am-5pm, Daily
Nearest train station: Sam Yod MRT Station
Contact: +66 8 6999 6998 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @miangkamjm via Instagram and @sompusompui via Instagram

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