Khanom Tokyo St. Louis 3: savoury pancakes with generous fillings

Thais love putting their own spin on international food. Khanom Tokyo St. Louis 3 (ขนมโตเกียว เซนต์หลุยส์ ซอย 3) follows in this tradition and serves up the khanom tokyo (ขนมโตเกียว, lit. Tokyo snack). The street food stall is one of the oldest that serves this sweet and savoury snack and often finds itself sold out way before closing time.

Here’s the story behind the oddly-named snack and why this particular stall is so popular.

A snack named after the Japanese capital, but only found in Thailand

An order of khanom tokyo which are thin pancakes wrapped around savoury fillings, in this case, sausages.
Image credit: @nbeaw via Instagram

Contrary to what the name implies, khanom tokyo originated in Thailand. It’s a snack that’s made up of a savoury filling, usually sausage or barbequed pork, wrapped in a sweet and buttery pancake.

You might be wondering why it’s called khanom tokyo, and apparently, it’s a Thai spin on the Japanese dorayaki which is made of two pancakes with red bean paste sandwiched between them.

Known by locals for their numerous and generous fillings

The selection of savoury fillings at aKhanom Tokyo St. Louis 3 including sausages, ham, and fried chicken.
Image credit: @lhin.b via Instagram

Khanom tokyo is no delicate dessert. It is a quick, greasy, but absolutely delicious snack that’ll hit that perfect guilty treat spot. What makes Khanom Tokyo St. Louis 3 special is that their pancakes are fluffy and thin, but their fillings are large and in charge.

Locals also praise this shop for having a decent selection of filling including Thai-style char siu, ham, chicken, and much more.

Not much else needs to be said apart from the fact that this shop will often get sold out way before closing time due to their quality.

Khanom tokyo – a greasy sweet & savoury treat that’s worth the guilt

Khanom Tokyo St. Louis 3 isn’t going to completely spoil snacks for you forever. It doesn’t break new ground on how delicious khanom tokyo can be. It simply is a fantastic local spot that delivers quality on a very generous platter. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

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Address: PG5G+MP8 Soi Chan, 18/7 Thung Wat Don, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Opening hours: 9am-3pm, closed Mondays
Contact: +66 9 4193 9261 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @nbeaw via Instagram and @lhin.b via Instagram

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