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The PIT Master Is Texas-style Low’n’Slow BBQ Joint In Nonthaburi

PIT Master: Authentic Texas BBQ in Nonthaburi

Barbeque is super popular in Thailand. In a food scene filled with Bar-B-Q Plazas and Korean BBQ spots, the PIT Master offers something a little different – Texas-style BBQ.

From slow-cooked brisket to slide-off-the-bone ribs, here’s how you can get a taste of Texas near Bangkok.

Platters of juicy meats smoked overnight

A platter of Texas-style barbeque meats from PIT Master.
Image credit: @maiweerasit via Instagram

We’re talking Texas-style barbeque – that’s over 6 hours of slow-cooking in a huge smoker. That also means hunks of brisket with perfectly rendered fat, a great bark, and meat that just oozes flavour while melting in your mouth. 

The PIT Master is as close as it gets to having a Texas BBQ in Thailand. While the beef and wood are local, the techniques and rubs used are straight from the source.

A platter of smoked meats from PIT Master with a huge variety of sides including cream corn and mashed potatoes at PIT Master.
Image credit: @emgiesmeal via Instagram

You’ll get all the classics here: brisket, beef or pork ribs, sausages, chicken thigh, as well as ox tongue. The sides are all here too: mashed potatoes, cheese corn salad, coleslaw, and pretty much every type of fried fare. 

You can get each meat or side ala carte or as part of different platters. 

If you’re a solo diner trying out Texas-style barbeque for the first time, we recommend getting the cowboy set for ฿550. You’ll get smaller portions that include the must-try items – brisket, ribs, ox tongue, and a side of fries. 

Self-taught passion for juicy tender meat

Brisket and ribs being smoked overnight at PIT Master.
Image credit: @geejay90 via Instagram

Asian-style barbeque is usually a relatively quick cook of small slices of meat on charcoal. So, it’s rare to find places like the PIT Master, which do barbeque meats that take over 6 hours to prepare. 

The owners of PIT Master fell in love with Texas barbeque after their experience in the US. But like many who find a craving for it in Thailand, it was damn near impossible to find it here. 

A PIT Master employee checking on the briskets and ribs in their huge smokers.
Image credit: @thepitmasterth via Instagram

So they did what any enterprising person would do: they did it themselves. From humble smokers that could barely fit one cut of brisket, PIT Master now owns several gigantic smokers that have spread the love and taste of Texas barbeque to Thais. 

That’s how you know the taste will be good – it’s made by people who love the food and have taught themselves, through Youtube and many heart-breaking trials, how to make it. 

Options for people who want something other than beef

A rack of lamb ribs with maple-laced sauce at PIT Master.
Image credit: @chanok5964 via Instagram

A sizable portion of Thais do not eat beef. If you’re one of them, don’t fret as PIT Master has tons of options for people who want to enjoy Texas barbeque without eating beef. 

Obviously, there are pork sausages and pork ribs. 

There is also brined-and-smoked chicken thigh. This one was inspired by one of the owner’s experiences of eating chicken as a younger sibling. His older brother would constantly steal the skin, leaving the owner with only tasteless chicken meat, so he wanted to make sure the flavours penetrated deep into the chicken through brining. 

Finally, there are also lamb ribs. Because people frequently complain about the lamb odour, this one is cooked with maple syrup to both get rid of the odorous smell, as well as to impart a tinge of sweetness. 

Texas barbeque in Nonthaburi

You won’t find many Texas-style barbeque joints in Thailand, but count PIT Master among the best. A lot of that comes from the owners’ own passion for the food.

So whether you want to try something new or want a taste of home, PIT Master in Nonthaburi offers some of the best barbequed beef in Thailand.

If you’re looking for other budget-friendly spots with generous portions, try Baan Khaek Moo Tod, which serves fried pork with rice. Or if you’re looking for your next hang-out spot, try Contento, a vintage-Italian eatery. Alternatively, create your Southern Thailand travel plans with help from our guide to our picks of worthwhile Southern Thai experiences.

Address: 29 Moo 7 Phibun Songkhram Rd, Suan Yai, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000
Opening hours: 12pm-8.30pm; Wednesday, Friday, and weekends
Contact: +66 6 5502 4249 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @emgiesmeal via Instagram and @geejay90 via Instagram