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Hungry Nerd Is A Thai Take On Western-Style Steakhouses Next To BTS Ratchathewi

Hungry Nerd: Thai-style steakhouse near BTS Ratchathewi

Thais will have their own take on any delicious food that finds its way to Thailand. One such restaurant is the Hungry Nerd, a trendy budget-friendly steakhouse with a distinctively Thai spin on it.

Here’s why the spot has become one of the most popular for meat lovers in Thailand.

A Thai take on Western steakhouses

The storefront of Hungry Nerd near BTS Ratchathewi with their mascot.
Image credit: @nanxpicpic via Instagram

When you think of Western steakhouses, you may conjure up images of fancy, upscale restaurants serving expensive cuts of beef cooked to nice medium rare. A Thai-style steakhouse is a bit different from that. 

A plate of pork and chicken steak with a salad, bread, and fries at the Hungry Nerd.
Image credit: @mfgcrew via Instagram

At Hungry Nerd and other similar Thai-style steakhouses, you can expect well-cooked pieces of chicken, pork, beef, and fish. Instead of decadent indulgence, you’ll find generous portions of meat that are absolutely delicious, great value for money, and keep you feeling full. With the steaks, you’ll also get a side of greens, a piece of bread, and fries. 

A popular joint next to BTS Ratchathewi

A group of friends sharing a huge meal of steaks and other western dishes at the Hungry Nerd.
Image credit: @nini.eye via Instagram

Hungry Nerd is the people’s choice for steaks – the proof lies in the fact that there are snaking queues at the door during peak dining hours. 

One of the reasons why Hungry Ners is so popular is that it’s located right next to BTS Ratchathewi. This makes it a perfect spot to quickly meet up with friends for a quick meal – something that Thais adore. 

Run by a group of Western food-lover friends

A platter of steaks topped with a fried egg, sauces, onion rings, and fries at the Hungry Nerd.
Image credit: @banana18nt via Instagram

Hungry Nerd is a fantastic spot for hanging out with friends, and it was intentionally designed that way. The owners themselves are a group of food lovers who were looking for a hangout spot themselves. 

When their usual spot was going out of business, they got together and decided to create the hangout spot that they’d been dreaming of, instead of waiting for someone else to make one for them. During the d from their time hanging out together and their experience with the nearby – and similarly popular restaurant – Chilling House.

Good steaks to share with friends near BTS Ratchathewi

Thai food is great, but sometimes you just crave a little something different. Hungry Nerd is a great change of pace from the usual street food experiences without losing that terrific price-to-food ratio.

Try Hungry Nerd the next time you find yourself wanting to grab a budget-friendly steak with friends, at a location that’s convenient to get to.

If you’re looking for other budget-friendly spots with generous portions, try Baan Khaek Moo Tod which serves fried pork with rice. Or if you’re looking for your next hang-out spot, try Contento which is a vintage-Italian eatery. Alternatively, create your Southern Thailand travel plans with help from our guide here to our picks for worthwhile Southern Thai experiences.

Address: 89/70 Phaya Thai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2656 5550 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @nanxpicpic via Instagram and @nini.eye via Instagram