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Chill Out: Farm & Cafe Bangkok Has A Mini Zoo Where You Can Feed The Animals & Take Pony Rides

Chill Out: Farm & Cafe is on the outer edges of Bangkok

Children of all ages tend to get excited every time their parents say, “we’re going to the zoo this weekend”.

However, adding the word “cafe” after “zoo” can make the sentence sound even more interesting. At a zoo-cafe, kids will not only have a fun day out exploring the zoo, but can also enjoy eating a variety of their favourite dishes.

If this sounds like your ideal family holiday, head over to Chill Out: Farm & Cafe, a place that’ll allow you and your kids to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Let us take you through the place, and you’ll see why this cafe is going to be your go-to attraction on both weekends and holidays.

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This cafe has a mini zoo where visitors can feed exotic animals

This Bangkok cafe is a zoo-inspired bistro tucked away within a farm that’s located at Suwinthawong, Bangkok.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

What makes this place different from the typical cafes we usually find in the heart of Thailand is that it has its own mini zoo – with no admission fees for all visitors.

Image credit: @Picmin_bkk

The mini zoo houses a huge range of animals and features feeding areas where tourists can get up close & personal with them.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

The first highlight of the zoo is a big aviary full of colourful parrots where tourists are allowed to enter and feed the birds. 

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

As soon as you enter the space, you will receive a warm welcome from a flock of multi-hued parrots.

Image credit: @Kappu

Not only can you pet the birds, but you can also get a nice shot of yourself with them.

Image credit: ฺBlockdit

Walking further into the farm, you will be greeted by a group of miniature pigs oinking with excitement at your arrival.

Image credit: @waoe_ba

Here, you can role-play as the most beautiful princess or the caring-but-strong bachelor looking at the cutest pinky pigs on earth with wide-eyed wonder while petting them for the ‘gram. 

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

Another thing to note about the zoo is that they offer ponyback riding for kids to explore the animal farm.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

Visitors can also feed other animals including rabbits, monkeys, iguanas, and angora goats, to name just a few. 

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

The animal feed is available at only ฿20 (~USD0.6) per set and ฿50 (~USD1.52) for three sets.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

If you get hungry after a long exploration around the wildlife microcosm, there are appetizing cuisines awaiting closeby. 

The cafe serves farm-to-table dishes in big portions

Just a five-minute walk away from the mini zoo, visitors will find themselves arriving inside the cafe.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

The menu covers a wide range of farm-to-table cuisines and western dishes available at reasonable prices starting from ฿155 (~USD4.65).

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

All the dishes look pleasantly simple and are served with organic vegetables harvested from the cafe’s nearby farm.

Image credit: @Khunfah_yu

The recommended dishes at this cafe include: Caesar Salad, Pumpkin Soup served with Grilled Garlic Bread, steak dishes, and Italian pizzas, most of which come in a large portion.

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of desserts as an after-meal treat to satisfy their sugar cravings.

Image credit: Review

In addition, the cafe also offers a relaxing corner by the river as an add-on for outdoor chillaxing. 

Image credit: วันหยุดนี้ พาลูกไปไหนดี

The lush, eco-friendly environment will make you feel as though you are being embraced by the creations of nature. 

This hidden gem of a cafe is only 1.5 hours away from Bangkok

Image credit: Chill Out: Farm & Cafe

With only an hour and a half drive from Bangkok, you can disconnect from the city chaos and spend time appreciating farm fauna at this zoo-cafe. 

With the temperatures dropping and the holidays approaching, we’re sure that this cafe won’t stay hidden for too-too long. 

The cafe can get pretty busy during holidays and weekends, so make sure you book your table before paying a visit.

Chill Out: Farm & Cafe
Opening Hours: 10AM – 8PM, Daily
Address: Soi Suwinthawong 110, Khwaeng Krathum Rai, Khet Nong Chok, Bangkok 10530
Telephone: +66 8 3222 6665
Chill Out: Farm & Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

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