Chatuchak guide 

Chatuchak Weekend Market arguably has the largest variety of vendors in the world.

Here’s a guide to Chatuchak market for your next trip to Thailand. These nine shops are our top picks for where you should visit, or at least tell your friends to look out for if they’re headed there for the first time in a long while.

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Must-eats at Chatuchak Market

1. The OG coconut ice cream – your ice cream cup is literally a coconut

First up on our Chatuchak guide is the coconut ice cream stand. 

For just ฿50 (~USD2), you can get three scoops of coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. The price also includes toppings like peanuts, corn, jellies and lychee.

The ice cream is also served in the fruit’s casing, which means there are also bits of coconut for you to munch on alongside the creamy dessert.

Be sure to tell the hawker if you’re allergic to nuts. 

You can – and should – find this little cart in section 20. 

The coconut ice cream here had a more milkier taste than what we were used to – combine that with the overall creamy frostiness of the dessert and you have the perfect combo for your next Songkran trip to Chatuchak.  

After all, did you even go to Chatuchak if you didn’t get coconut ice cream served in a coconut?

2. Pad Thai Big Prawn – a platter of Pad Thai with large, juicy prawns

Pad Thai is a globally recognised Thai dish that many happily gobble down.  

Located around Section 23 of the market is  Phad Thai Big Prawn, a hawker that serves jumbo-sized prawns with their signature noodle dish. 

We ordered their “small-sized” Pad Thai Noodle Big Prawn that cost ฿280 (~USD9), and got a generous serving of Pad Thai along with four large prawns 

While we do wish the prawns were a tad more fresh, the unbeatable serving size and overall taste helped us forget about that.

Considering Phad Thai Big Prawn was even featured in Chinese-speaking media, this restaurant should be at the top of your list. 

Image credit: Prowd Issarasena 

Pad Thai Big Prawn
Address: 350 Soi 31/1 Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Telephone: +66 8 3079 2231

Google Maps

3. Choconana – Bananas dipped in chocolate-y goodness

Choconana is a stall that sells frozen bananas dipped in chocolate fondue, hence the name.


Choconanas sound especially welcoming on a warm and sunny day – meaning everyday in Thailand.

We ordered their Chocolate Banana Rainbow for ฿35 (~USD2). Surprisingly, it tasted like a chocolate ice cream scoop with subtle notes of banana, as opposed to a banana with chocolate-y flavours.


Every bite of the chocolate-covered banana with sprinkles was like eating a banana split sundae, just minus the ice cream. So technically it’s a healthy dessert. 

You’ll be able to locate Choconana around Section 3.

Address: 167 Kamphaeng Phet 1 Alley, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

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4. King Octopus – tangy fried octopus on skewers

King Octopus is a Chatuchak hawker that sells fried octopus, in three different sizes: S “enough for a taste”, M “enough to eat”, L “enough to fill you up”. 


We got the smallest size, which cost ฿50 (~USD2). 

The order had around four to five pieces of octopus covered with tangy seafood sauce. Actually, the taste kind of reminded me of Jalapeno hot sauce. 


So, non-spicy food lovers, we’d recommend you order it sans sauce. 

King Octopus is around section 15 and crunched in between the clothing section, and has been recommended by TopTravelFoods.

King Octopus
Address: 167 Kamphaeng Phet 1 Alley, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Tuesday – Sunday) 

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5. Miruku Pure Milk Chatuchak – icey milkshake

Located at section 8, Miruku Pure Milk Chatuchak is a tiny shack that reminds us of our travels to Japan. 

The shop was made with strips of dark wood, and had different coloured flags with Japanese characters printed on it. Kind of like what you’d see at Asakusa. 


For only ฿45 (~USD2), we got their signature Original Pure Milk milkshake. As you’d expect from a milkshake, the drink was creamy and icy – perfect for a hot day at Chatuchak. 


Although the stall doesn’t use milk from Hokkaido, we bet you wouldn’t be able to tell if we didn’t already mention it.  

Miruku Pure Milk
Address: 61/3 Pracha Chuen Rd, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210

Google Maps

Shops along Sections 2-8 of Chatuchak Market

Roughly 40% of the stalls at Chatuchak Market were still closed. 

However, Sections 2-8 at the market were still buzzing with life. From discounted local hipster clothing, accessories and handicrafts at sections 2 to 8, which Gen-zer wouldn’t want to go on a shopping spree here?

6. Toy shop at the old Japara Perfume stall

The Toy Shop is run by a man with an inventory that rivals Mister Geppetto’s from Disney’s Pinocchio


From Hello Kitty to Jack Skeleton and Disney films, this Geppetto IRL is highly likely to carry toys from whatever franchise you stan

The shop sits where the since-closed Japara Group CO.,LTD used to be in Section 2. 

Toy shop at JAPARA @Jatujak Market
Address: Soi 41/1 Room. 281-282, Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Google Maps

7. Cotton Fabric – Japanese meme printed clothes

Just a little further down from Mister Geppetto’s little toy collection is Cotton Fabric

The vendor sells t-shirts with animals and Japanese words on them.   

Image credit: Prowd Issarasena 

Shiba Inu fans and cat slaves, their stall is just right for you – you’ll be able to proudly present your undying love for your furry kids with Cotton Fabric’s shirts. 

Prices vary from ฿150 (~USD5) to ฿200 (~USD6)

8. Bohemian wear for your 2022 wardrobe

While many of us have become much more accustomed to shopping online for boho wear, Chatuchak Market offers a larger variety. 

From accessories, sun hats, and other glad rags, Section 2 of Chatuchak Market gives you the chance to update your wardrobe with affordable options.

9. Smart casual clothes for WFH online meetings

While working from home, we tend to wear our PJs to our Zoom meetings. This may be the new normal – but smart casual wear will always be in style.

Especially if we want to close sales deals with our potential clients or impress our bosses, a bossed-up  WFH attire is essential.

We managed to find plenty of shops around Sections 3-4 that sold business casual stapes like collared shirts and pleated trousers for only ฿200 (~USD6) to ฿300 (~USD9).

It won’t cost you much to invest in a fit that’ll seal the deal.

Visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market in 2022

Whether it’s the coconut ice cream cart or a boho-clothing store, visiting these vendors at Chatuchak Market lets you step into the world of those who have been part of one of the country’s fastest growing marketplace. 

With its reopening comes a revived sense of hope for their livelihoods and the tourism industry. As much as we’re looking forward to shopping again, we’re also excited to see the smiles on the vendors’ faces once they realise that their livelihoods are back up and running. 

Do you have any favourite stalls at Chatuchak? Let us know in the comments section.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Opening Hours: 5AM – 6PM Friday – Sunday
Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Telephone: +66 2 2724 813
Nearest Train Station: BTS Mo Chit, MRT Chatuchak Park or MRT Kampaeng Phet

Chatuchak Weekend Market website | Google Maps

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