Thai mum apologises for autistic son but neighbour encourages her

Raising a child is an all-consuming job for mothers. Many mothers give up their careers and dearest friendships for their kids. Understandably, the commitment only increases when our little ones have special needs. But one Thai mother went above and beyond when she went around to apologise to her neighbours for the noise that her autistic son had been making, leaving notes on their doors.

One particular response to her concerns, however, truly gave her the courage to keep doing her best. Here’s how this heartwarming story unfolded.

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Considerate Thai mum apologises via notes on neighbours’ doors

On 17th September 2022, a mum whose autistic son frequently causes noise made rounds to offer her sincere apologies to her neighbours.

She went as far as posting a handwritten apology note on all of her neighbours’ doors.

The message, which went viral on TikTok, contains a heartfelt message from the mum to those affected.

Image credit: @kangar666

The note read, “I’m sorry for disturbing you with the noise my son is making. My son is autistic. I’m so sorry.”

The touching apology moved one neighbour so much that they decided to respond to the OP.

A neighbour’s encouragement

In an unexpected move, one of her neighbours decided to write a return note to the mum.

Image credit: @kangar666

Crafted in a similar fashion, on lined paper, the short message read, “Keep doing your best!” – which loosely translates to “Fighting!”

They also included a small heart at the bottom of the note to send a bit of extra love.

Netizens are moved by the heartwarming exchange

Thai netizens also shared in the love and praised both the mum and neighbour for their understanding for each other.

Screenshot: @kangar666

Translation: Thank you on behalf of the mum for understanding the challenges faced by mothers. Everyone wants a child that is easy to raise but we don’t get to choose. I’ll be cheering for her too.

Screenshot: @kangar666

Translation: It’s only a short message but will surely give the mum a boost.

Screenshot: @kangar666

Translation: My child is also autistic. Thank you for what you’re doing.

A little goes a long way for those in need

Everyone has to deal with their own demons and challenges. At times, personal challenges will spill over and affect other people.

But instead of lashing out, both the mum and the neighbour took the time to acknowledge each other’s stress points. In doing so, both of them have created a warm memory that will help them power through challenging times.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @kangar666, @kangar666

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