Enzo Tarnvanichkul is first junior karting world champion

In a sport that is typically dominated by Europeans, a young 13-year-old racer by the name of Enzo Tarnvanichkul overcame the odds to become the first Thai national to become the World Champion in the Original Karts Junior (OKJ) category.

Here is the story of how Enzo became the Karting champ on Sunday.

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13-year-old Thai becomes Karting World Champion

Image credit: @fia.karting.championship

Despite being the shortest boy on the podium this past Sunday on 18th September 2022, Enzo stood on its highest steps. He beat 109 other young racers from 40 different countries over the course of the 4-day competition which began on the 15th.

Image credit: @enzo.tarnvanichkul

The competition took place in Sarno, Italy, a country that racing fans and motorheads associate with the world famous Ferrari, whose owner Enzo shares a name with.

To put Enzo’s accomplishments into context, he’s the first ever Thai to win the world championship – an incredible feat indeed.

Making his way through the field despite a rough start

On Sunday morning, Enzo collided with his rivals which sent him plummeting down five spots in the decisive race. Enzo did not let this setback discourage him as he immediately began his charge up the field.

Image credit: @kspreportages

It took Enzo 10 laps out of the total 17 to finally chase down and overtake all his rivals to claim the top spot in the race, as well as the championship.

We think Enzo’s victory on Sunday is a sure sign of greater things to come for the young driver.

A future worth keeping an eye on

Karting may only be a stepping stone for young Enzo as his victory today will likely open new doors to bigger competitions. The young 13-year-old has a lot to look forward to, as well as new challenges to overcome, as he continues to drive through the European-dominated landscape.

Only time will tell if he will match the likes of fellow Thai national Alexander Albon who is currently racing in F1 for the prestigious Williams team. Or perhaps he will smash through the lofty standards set by Albon to accomplish even greater things.

Cover images adapted from: @enzo.tarnvanichkul, @enzo.tarnvanichkul

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