7 Thai BL Couples Who Will Make You Swoon Over Them With Their Great Chemistry

Thai BL couples

The excitement over BL series and actors in Thailand is unmatched. We’ve got tons of fans around Southeast Asia who wholeheartedly cherish and support our BL teams and couples.

If you have been hooked by our Thai BL couples or BL series recently, we understand your motivation to find out more about our actors to dote on. So, explore these 7 BL couples who have driven their fans wild. Who knows, you might become another fan supporting these ships.

What is BL?

To put it simply, BL stands for Boy’s Love, a fictional genre that focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. Originally, it was found in Japanese anime, manga, and novels. BL is also known as “Yaoi” or “Y” in Japan.

BL themes usually revolve around intimacy within boys’ relationships. However, it’s not limited to young boys, it can explore the love between adult men who share close connections and even more mature or explicit content in R-rated stories.

BL series are mainly popular among female audiences. Thai female audiences who are enthusiastic about BL series are called “Saow Y” in Thai, which means “Y girls”.

Why are BL series so popular?

It’s not hard to see why BL series has gained popularity among numerous BL fans. BL series offers uniqueness in storytelling and explores the love theme of boy-boy relationships. Viewers get to enjoy the emotional journeys that male characters undertake and the blossoming romance between two young boys or the mature and nuanced dynamics of adult men in love.

Also, BL series play a vital role in providing representation for LGBTQ+ communities and creating a space where viewers can see themselves reflected positively on screen, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Apart from the plots, BL actors often excel in portraying the depth of their character’s feelings and the intricacies of their relationships, creating compelling and memorable performances that capture viewers’ hearts.

A popular word used in the BL industry in Thailand is “ship”. The word means to have strong support for a romantic or sexual relationship between two male characters. It comes from the word “relationship” and is commonly used by fans to express their preference for a particular pairing or couple within a BL series or fandom.

Who is the most shipped BL couple in Thailand?

When it comes to the most shipped BL couple in Thailand, we can’t help but think of this couple: Billkin-PP Krit. These two guys express their great chemistry and cuteness every time they show up together at events, making Thai fans’ hearts bloom.

I Told Sunset About You (แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ) is their first BL series that they starred in together and marked the beginning of the shipping phenomenon among their fans. We recommend giving it a watch to experience the captivating chemistry between the actors.

With the shipping hype surrounding them, both actors often collaborate on concerts and appear together in commercials. Their joint appearances not only capitalise on their on-screen chemistry but also cater to the excitement and support from their fans.

1. Zee & NuNew (ซี-นุนิว) — the iconic cutie BL couple that make their fans swoon

Image credit: @new_cwr via Instagram

Zee Pruk and NuNew Chawarin are one of the famous BL teams in Thailand. They started getting widely known from Cutie Pie — a Thai BL series. This series represents the LGBT community and shows support towards same-sex marriage.

Despite the end of the series, the shipping between these two guys has never ended. They always appear together at events and talk with the fans. Every time they are together, you will see Zee, who is a caring guy, look after NuNew well, showing how they care for each other outside the show.

Follow them on IG: @new_cwr | @zeepruk

2. Off & Gun (อ๊อฟ-กัน) — the most recognised BL couple who have fans all over Asia

Image credit: @tumcial via Instagram

If you have been living in the country for a while, you’ve probably seen these BL actors on TV or social media from time to time. They are one of the most recognised BL couples in the domain.

Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan displayed great chemistry and got their fans to ship them from their Theory Of Love, a series that portrays a romantic journey between a nerd guy (Gun) who secretly likes his friend (Off).

In addition to their fame in Thailand, Off and Gun have amassed a large fan base in other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. Furthermore, they frequently appear together in advertisements. Their cuteness never disappoints the fans.

Follow them on IG: @tumcial | @gun_atthaphan

3. Billkin & PP Krit (บิวกิ้น-พีพี กฤษฏ์) — the most raved-about BL couple

Image credit: @pp.kritt via Instagram

Known for their bright and cheerful personas as BL actors, Billkin and PP Krit have a knack for bringing joy to their supporters. Their strong fan following from before their official debut showcases the genuine affection fans have for their dynamic duo.

The hype over these two guys soared once I Told Sunset About You was released. The BL series showed impeccable storylines, expressions, and dramatic scenes between the two that make you fall in love with them. They held a big concert under this series theme in a park in Bangkok.

They also collaborated on a music video called “รู้งี้เป็นแฟนกันตั้งนานแล้ว”. Check it out here.

Billkin and PP often host concerts together where fans can join and enjoy their duo presence. It’s never too late to turn yourself into a fan of this lovely BL couple.

Follow them on IG: @pp.kritt | @bbillkin

4. Tay & New (เต-นิว) — old friends who became BL actors in Kiss Me Again

Image credit: @tawan_v via Instagram

Kiss Me Again is a BL series that made Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom become a hot BL couple among Y fans. Y girls can feel the cuteness and hilarity of both boys both on and off-screen. In real life, they are close friends and graduated from the same university — Chulalongkorn University.

Tay and New started their career by working as hosts in Five Live Fresh. Then, they took roles in TV series. Some other series that feature these handsome men are Kiss the Series, Dark Blue Kiss, Our Skyy and TayNew Meal Date.

Follow them on IG: @tawan_v | @newwiee

5. Bright & Win (ไบรท์-วิน) — an all-time popular BL team

Image credit: @bbrightvc via Instagram

Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin are two highly popular heartthrobs who have captured the attention of audiences all over Siam. Their roles as Sarawat and Tine in the hit series 2gether: The Series, based on a BL novel and featuring music by Scrubb,  have catapulted them to social media stardom.

Even when not on screen, they maintained a strong bond and have been seen together at events across Thailand and Asia. Their presence always added excitement to any gathering, with cheers erupting whenever Bright and Win shared a glance.

Even though Bright is no longer signed as an actor under the GMM Grammy label, fans can still hold out hope for their collaborations in the future.

Follow them on IG: @bbrightvc | @winmetawin

6. Gemini & Fourth (เจมิไนน์-โฟร์ท) — an unsung BL couple that has stolen Y fans’ hearts

Image credit: @fourth.ig via Instagram

It’s okay if you are unfamiliar with this BL couple since they are quite new in the industry.

Gemini Norawit & Fourth Nattawat are an underrated BL couple that has stolen Y fans’ hearts with their roles in My School President. The series features a plot about a secret crush that Gun (Fourth) has on Tinn (Gemini). This compelling plot led to their more recognition as a shipped couple by fans.

They also had a concert together once in August 2023, named Gemini Fourth My Turn Concert. Thanks to significant public interest, the concert was extended to span across two consecutive days.

While they are not as famous as other BL teams, the chemistry of these two guys as a cute BL couple can make you smile, swoon, and root for their characters’ love stories in future BL series.

Follow them on IG: @fourth.ig | @gemini_nt

7. Jam & Film (แจม-ฟิล์ม) — an opposites-attract BL couple

Image credit: ThaiPost

Here comes the last BL couple in our list: Jam Rachata & Film Thanapat.

These BL actors are not alike in terms of personalities but they manage to get along pretty well. What we like about this couple is that they always support and encourage each other at work and put their best effort into their starring.

Whenever they host fan meetings overseas, you can bet that hordes of their fans will flock to the airport just to shower them with love and support.

One of their famous must-watch series is Law of Attraction (กฎแห่งรักดึงดูด). This series got lots of positive feedback from the viewers. We recommend checking it out on YouTube.

Follow them on IG: @jam.rachata | @film.thanapat

Ready to become fans of these BL teams?

If you’re a BL fan, you know that Thai BL series are unmatched, and many BL couples are willing to drive you wild with their cuteness and good chemistry when they appear together both on-screen and off-screen.

Hopefully, these BL actors will make you fall in love with them and follow them with great support.

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Cover image adapted from: @bbrightvc via Instagram and @new_cwr via Instagram

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