10 Top Thai Songs Of 2023 To Add To Your Favourite Playlist This November

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Top Thai songs of 2023

When I listen to our Thai music videos on YouTube, I often see loads of English comments from foreigners. It’s cool to see that folks in nearby Asian countries have a liking for our music too. So, I truly hope that some of our followers are big fans of Thai music. In that case, we have picked 10 top Thai songs of 2023 which you can add to your Spotify playlist to enjoy while being on the road. With their catchy melodies and the unique vocal styles of the singers, you might find yourself replaying the songs over and over on your phone.

1. วาสนาผู้ใด (Can It Be Me?) — Parkmalody

Having been known as a cover singer on YouTube, Parkmalody has recently released his new song — วาสนาผู้ใด, which topped the chart later on. It’s become quite common to hear this song playing numerous times wherever you go in public.

The song delivers a sweet melody alongside the soft voice of the artist. It’s all about liking someone completely and wondering if the person is still single and who will be the lucky one to be with them.

2. ดาวหางฮัลเลย์ (Halley’s Comet) — fellow fellow

Have you ever loved someone so much that you hope that you will be together forever? If so, you send them this song.

ดางหางฮัลเลย์ or Halley’s Comet in English by fellow fellow demonstrates a desire for eternal love by mentioning Halley’s Comet because the phenomenon is very very rare, which happens once in every 70 years, and the comet will travel for millions of miles to come back to the same spot. So, it’s compared to true and sincere love that never changes. Giving this song to someone you love means that you want to be part of his or her life forever.

3. งอนตลอด (Tell Me What You Want) — Ice Paris

If you have a soft spot for joyful R&B music, Ice Paris is the artist you fall in love with his songs. งอนตลอด has some Western & reggae vibes in it that convince you to move along.

It implies that Ice is willing to do anything for his girlfriend. However, he finds it complicated as she is a hard person to please and ends up in being sulky.

The song features some verses in English, so it can be somehow easy if you want to practice singing it.

4. กลิ่นดอกไม้ (The Scent of Flowers) — Newery

It’s true that smell can bring back memories. กลิ่นดอกไม้ is an old song that has come back alive. I love how the song gives off mellow vibes, talking about longing for past love in a literary sense. The scent of flowers symbolises the feeling of missing someone that still lingers around you.

The song started to be popular on the TikTok platform before becoming a hit song on many charts in Thailand.

5. รักแรก (First Love) — Nond Tanont

First love can be hard to move on from. If you relate, check out รักแรก by Nond Tanont. It is a sad song about an unforgettable first love that can hook you immediately, especially if you are in a situation where your first love is still haunting you.

This song is a soundtrack of a Thai movie, รักแรก โคตรลืมยาก. The movie is a Thai version of You Are The Apple Of My Eyes — a famous Taiwanese movie released in 2011.

6. วันนี้ปีที่แล้ว (On This Day Last Year) — MEYOU

If you are drawn to sad songs, วันนี้ปีที่แล้ว by MEYOU will definitely touch you emotionally. Along with his captivating singing style, the song will resonate deeply within you and get stuck in your head.

As for the theme, it reflects on the regret at breaking up with your ex and the feeling of wanting them back, despite knowing it will never happen.

7. ซังได้ซังแล้ว (I Can’t Hate You) — PALMY

ซังได้ซังแล้ว is the first song of PALMY that is sung in the Northeastern dialect since she is a pop artist who usually sings in generic Thai. If you haven’t listened to Thai songs in this dialect before, maybe this is a good chance to try it out.

ซังได้ซังแล้ว means เกลียดได้เกลียดไปแล้ว, which means “If I can hate you, I will” in English. It tells the story of a woman who was treated wrong by her ex-boyfriend who is a boxer; nonetheless, she finds it hard to hate him because she is still in love with him.

The interesting feature of this song is a mix of international and Isan music styles.

8. เหตุผลของการมีชีวิตอยู่ คือการได้พบกับเธอ (Having You Is The Reason To Live) — No One Else

Having the right person in your life is something you should be grateful for. That’s why this song came into existence. เหตุผลของการมีชีวิตอยู่ คือการได้พบกับเธอ was written to expressive gratitude towards important people who add meanings to your life and are the reason behind your living.

I love how the music video was made by collecting moments with their fans and portrays how far the band has journeyed to the present day with the support from the fanbase.

9. แม่เสือสาว (Hot Grl) — Kana Kwanjai

If you watch a lot of Thai TikTok videos in your routine, you might have encountered this song already since it’s a viral song on the TikTok platform.

แม่เสือสาว by Kana Kwanjai or คณะขวัญใจ in Thai is an upbeat love song about a hot and sexy girl who draws your attention with her charm. What makes it cool is its catchy melody and those fun, playful tempos that just make it different from your regular Thai pop or rock tunes.

10. ยื้อ (Hold On) — Preecha Padpai

Unlike those songs mentioned above, ยื้อ by Preecha Padpai is an Isan language-based Thai folk song that’s featured in a recent, top-grossing Thai comedy horror movie — สัปเหร่อ, which grossed up to ฿500 million.

The song delves into the pain of losing loved ones. Emotionally, the music video incorporates funeral scenes from the movie and a moment where a character loses his father before his graduation to serve as poignant backgrounds.

You’ll find the vibes of this song different from the rest on our list as it is a Thai folk song that features a traditional Northeastern music style and is sung in the Isan dialect. The melodies, rhythms, and vocal styles in Isan music differ from those found in central Thai music, making it recognisable and distinct.

Add these top Thai songs of 2023 to your Spotify playlist

No matter what mood you are in, these songs are great for cranking up and enjoying. These aren’t considered as the top Thai songs of 2023 for no reason. While there are many more great Thai songs out there worth exploring, but these are great starting point to get into the Thai music scene. Let us know which one is your favourite and if you want more of this kind of content!

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