Thai student fast asleep during online exam

Given the current situation, teachers have had to move their classes online to keep themselves and students safe.

Although it’s more convenient for students to access the class anywhere and any time, with the camera turned off during the lesson, teachers can’t tell if they are focusing on their studies or just letting the class run.

Here’s the story of a Thai student who was doing the latter, and was found letting his class run during an online exam.

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Student caught red handed sleeping during an online exam

On 12th January 2022, Thai TikToker @sukanya241911 posted a hilarious clip of his son, who was s(tudy)leeping during his online exam.



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The sleeping student was caught red handed on camera while his teacher was continued to run the class’s examination online.

GIF: @sukanya241911

While recording his sleeping son, the cameraman said jokingly addressed the teacher that the student was working very hard to obtain high marks on the test.

Though we’re not sure if he’s gonna get an A on this subject, we really hope that the student will not fail the exam.

Netizens laugh at the sleeping student

After the video was posted on TikTok, many netizens laughed at the sleeping student who was said to be very attentive to the exam.

GIF: @sukanya241911

Translation: LOL  the cameradad will get scolded after the student wakes up for sure.

One netizen made a hilarious comment that instead of the student, the cameraman will be the one getting scolded.

GIF: @sukanya241911

Translation: Sleeping test LOL

Another netizen commented that this class was testing how well the student sleeps.

GIF: @sukanya241911

Translation: My child is no different.

One TikToker also shared that his son also slept during the exam.

Rock the exam first, then sleep like a rock

One recommendation we would like to give the student who was fast asleep during his exam is that he should finish the exam first and sleep later.

No matter how sleepy we are during the test, it’s probably a better idea to pass the test the first time, than to be given an F and sit the exam again.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @sukanya241911

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