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3M King Cobra Found On Chanthaburi Utility Pole, Rescue Team Brings Reptile To Safety

3M king cobra found on Chanthaburi utility pole

Snakes are considered to be one of the most dangerous and feared animals.

While most of us are afraid of serpents, only few know that these creatures are actually shy and would rather slither away from threats than attack other creatures.

If you’re not sure if that’s the case, here’s the story of 3M king cobra that was found on a utility pole in Chanthaburi after it fled from a dog.

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3M king cobra slithers up the utility pole

On 11th January 2021, a snake catcher from Chanthaburi Snake Saving Volunteers posted a story about rescuing a 3M giant king cobra from the utility pole on his Facebook account นัท ประมาณ นี้.

According to the post, the team rushed to a small village in Chanthaburi after a resident reported that he spotted a giant king cobra crawling on a utility pole.

Image credit: นัท ประมาณ นี้

The snake which measured up to three metres in length allegedly slithered up the pole to avoid being bitten by a dog.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

The serpent fled to a nearby tree as the snake catcher tried to rescue him from the electricity pole. Eventually, the animal rescuer managed to bring him down safely.

The cobra spread its hood for protection, gives up, and moves inside the box

After the animal was brought down to safety, the snake was still in shock and spread its hood to protect itself from the catcher.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

One snake catcher managed to cover the animal’s head and lulled him into lying down.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

Afterwards, the animal gave up and was successfully convinced by the rescuer to slither into the box.

Netizens applaud the snake catcher team for rescuing the animal safely

After the story was shared on Facebook, many netizens applauded the handlers for rescuing the snake safely.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

Translation: So cool, you guys.

One netizen praised the team for their ability to rescue the king cobra.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

Translation: What was he doing up there?

Another netizen wondered why the animal even slithered up the pole.

Screenshot: นัท ประมาณ นี้

Translation: I saw a snake flee from a barking dog into the woods. It was so big.

One Facebook user shared their similar experience – they mentioned once seeing a giant snake fleeing from a barking dog.

Snakes are also afraid of us

The story of this king cobra slithering up the electricity poll in fear of a dog proves that the snakes are also afraid of other creatures – just like we are.

Although, even though the reptiles may not be dangerous as we think, it’s still better to stay away from them for our own safety as well as theirs.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): นัท ประมาณ นี้

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