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Woman’s Lay’s Bag Contains 0 Crisps & 1 Seaweed Flake, Company Promises To Send Replacement

Woman’s Lay’s bag contains 0 crisps & 1 seaweed flake

An unexpected event can happen out of the blue at any time and any place. While you may consider certain situations – like opening up a bag of potato chips and finding it empty – rare, it doesn’t mean that such an event cannot happen.

Here’s the story of a Thai woman in Phetchabun who found a bag of fried potato chips with nothing but a seaweed flake.

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Woman finds her Lay’s potato chips bag contains zero crisps

On 6th January 2022, a Thai woman named Duanghathai Junsook, 23, posted pictures from an unexpected event that occurred during her company’s New Year’s party on social media.

Image credit: Sanook

The woman noticed that one of the crisp packets from the multi-pack of chips she had bought from the supermarket was unusually light.

Image credit: Sanook

Soon after she opened the packet and reached her hand inside, the woman found that the bag contained nothing but a seaweed flake, leaving her speechless and curious how this could happen.

The ‘Lay’ company apologizes and promises to send her a replacement

After the clip was posted online, the manufacturer, Lay’s, contacted the woman and apologized for the mistake.

Image credit: Sanook

The manufacturing company had also promised the woman that they would send her a replacement.

Image credit: Sanook

Duanghathai further revealed that she wasn’t mad or annoyed, but she just wanted the manufacturer to be careful in checking all bags before they are sealed.

Netizens laugh at empty Lay’s chip bag

After Duanghathai posted the story online, many netizens poured in with some funny comments.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: Actually, the company sells air. The potato chips are just a bonus. LOL

One netizen made satirical comment that potato chips may be just a rare bonus to discover.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: I encountered the same thing when I was young. It was supposed to be a snack with a dipping sauce, but the packet only had the sauce. The hawker was so kind and gave me a new one.

Another netizen also shared their similar experience with receiving an almost-empty snack packet.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: She’ll get so many free packets for sure!!

One Facebook user teased that the woman will receive a bunch of bags of potato chips for sure.

Take it easy

Admittedly, it’s pretty rare to find zero potato chips in a crisp packet just like this woman did.

However, it’s also been proven over and over again that unexpected outcomes are very much possible.

So, if you happen to encounter the same kind of situation, just take it easy and inform the supplier. Hey, maybe you’ll even end up with a lifetime of crisps out of it.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Sanook

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