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Monk Performs Requiem For Murdered Cow, Locals Suspect Ghoul Who ‘Possessed’ Granny At Ritual

Monk performs requiem for murdered cow at the temple

In Thai culture, a ghoul, or Phi Pop, is said to be the incarnation of someone who associated with black magic in their previous life. These ghouls are believed to have the ability to possess humans and animals, as well as eat their intestine from the inside.

While beliefs about supernatural beings aren’t as prevalent as before, certain communities in Isan and other Northeastern parts of Thailand still uphold them.

Here’s the story of a monk who was interrupted by a granny who was allegedly possessed by a Phi Pop during a ritual in Mahasarakham.

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Monk interrupted by possessed granny during requiem for murdered cow

On 11th January 2021, the story of a monk who was interrupted by a granny who was allegedly possessed by a Phi Pop during his requiem for a murdered cow was circulated across social media.

This incident took place at Weruwan Temple in a small village in the Mahasarakham province.

While the monk was performing a requiem for a cow that had died for unknown reasons, one of the audiences started shaking and exhibited strange behaviour.

GIF: Thairath

Attendants were startled when a granny started shaking uncontrollably and kept saying she’s a real ghoul, not a fake one.

GIF: Thairath

After finding the granny was possessed by a Phi Pop, the monk asked everyone else to leave as he was afraid that the evil spirit will possess others as he prepared to conduct an exorcism.

The dead cow’s owner found his animal bleeding and dying afterwards

The dead cow’s owner revealed that he had found his animal bleeding, and that it suddenly died for unknown reasons. So, he believed that the cow was murdered by an evil spirit.

Screenshot: Thairath

At the scene, the cow’s owner claims he also found a small bag that wasn’t penetrable by a knife. The man then brought the strange object to the temple to see what it was.

Screenshot: Thairath

According to Thairath, the monk who performed the exorcism stated that Phi Pop‘s organs and that it was found where the ghouls are said to gather.

When asked about the ritual, the monk said that the evil spirit was already exorcised from the granny and has left the village in the process.

Netizens speculate other causes for the granny’s shaking

After the video was posted online, many netizens started speculating about other potential reasons for the granny’s behaviour.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: She may have diabetes. Maybe she hasn’t taken her medication yet. 

One netizen suspected that the granny’s shaking may result from high blood sugar.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: Prick her with burnt incense stick.

Another netizen suggested pricking her with a burnt incense stick to ward off the evil spirit.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: She may have high blood pressure. My granny used to be like this. Let’s take her to the hospital.

One Facebook user commented that the granny should have been taken to the hospital and could have been exhibiting symptoms of high blood pressure.

Don’t believe it, don’t disrespect it

Whether or not you believe the granny to be possessed by a Phi Pop, one thing we would like to recommend is that even if you don’t buy it, don’t disrespect it.

Every culture has different beliefs and backstories behind them.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Thairath

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