Alleged squatter found in Thai family’s home after 1 year

In Thai culture, guardian spirits are believed to bring our houses protection against evil and malevolent energy.

Thought these respected guardians can help ward off bad spirits, they may not be able to prevent people from breaking into people’s houses and living there.

Here’s the story of an alleged squatter who found living in Thai family’s home in Loey for 1 year.

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Squatter secretly lives in family’s house

On 10th January 2022, Thai TikToker, @peeatthapon, shared an incident that he faced at his home at Na Luang Village in Loey province.

เข้ามาอยู่เกือบปี #แบบนี้ก็ได้หรอ

เข้ามาอยู่เกือบปี #แบบนี้ก็ได้หรอ

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The homeowner and his mom were confronted by a squatter who allegedly had lived in their house for a year.

Screenshot: @peeatthapon

When asked what he was doing here, the squatter wearing a pink shirt claimed that the home was his, and that he had bought it for ฿5 million (~USD150,548) from a foreigner name “Vita”.

Screenshot: @peeatthapon

Understandably upset, the woman told the squatter to pack his bags and leave the house right away. However, the stranger refused to move out and walked away to avoid talking with the family.

The squatter secretly lived in the house for a year

According to AmarinTV, the squatter had moved in and secretly lived in the family’s house for a year.

Screenshot: Kaijeaw

He also “renovated” the house. The squatter repainted the house red, and replaced the furniture inside with his own.

Screenshot: AmarinTV

The mother of a homeowner revealed that she was told by one of her neighbours that there was someone secretly living in her son’s house.

That’s when she took action and alerted the police, who arrested the resident. Later, it was said that the squatter was a mentally ill person.

Netizens think the squatter may have had good intentions to protect the house

After the clip was uploaded on TikTok and shared as a post by several media outlets, many netizens shared their comments on the incident.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: He’s ready to protect the house AND take over the property.

One netizen commented that the squatter may have wanted to help protect the house as well as take it for himself.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: He even repainted the house already.

Another netizen noted that the squatter even went as far as to make the house his own by repainting it.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: The owner may have to move out

One Facebook user jokingly commented that the homeowner may have to move out because the squatter has really made it his own.

Ask a neighbour to watch over the house

We hope that the homeowner will get his house back, and be able to restore it to the way it was after this squatting incident.

His story has also inspired us to take extra care to find ways to protect our home from intruders. One way we can do this is by asking our neighbours to help watch over our homes while we’re away.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @peeatthapon, Kaijeaw, Kaijeaw

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