Pupper breaks into cats’ garden looking for friends

Making friends can be tough, especially when you just moved to a new place.

Thinking back to our days when we were that new kid in school, we were definitely nervous about fitting in but also super eager to make friends. Well, it seems that this puppy is no different.

Here’s the story of a pupper in Thailand who was so excited to make new pals that he broke into a cat family’s garden.

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Lonely puppy hopes to join kitty gang

A video showing a puppy climbing over potted plants to enter a cat family’s garden made its rounds across social media after it was posted by Thai TikToker, user4107664600043, on 13th January 2022.



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After hopping the fence – a big feat for a smol pupper – the fluffy animal immediately charged at the cats in true dog fashion.

pupper-cat 3
Screenshot: user4107664600043

However, one of the cats quickly slinked away. Sensing that his approach may have been too forward, the puppy then tried to mimic the cat’s calm demeanor by laying down and waiting for them to come to him.

Screenshot: user4107664600043

However, this approach proved to be too inefficient for the pup – it had been two whole seconds and no cat had approached him yet.

Screenshot: user4107664600043

He then shyly got up and scratched himself – kind of like how we push our hair back when we’re nervous before walking over to another group of cats.

pupper cat 2
Screenshot: user4107664600043

Here, we can see the puppy’s patience is improving. As the clip ends with him sitting still and waiting for the cats to approach him, once more.

TikTokers empathise with the puppy

After being posted on TikTok, the video has since garnered over 8,000 likes and 353 comments. Well, are we surprised? Cute animals always do well.

Here’s some of their comments to give readers a break from this writer’s constant gushing over this adorable puppy.

puppy cat 1
Screenshot: user4107664600043

Translation: You can tell he’s lonely! He came to look for new friends. 

Of course we could tell that he was lonely! This pupper literally hopped a fence just so he could find new four-legged friends.

puppy cat stare
Screenshot: user4107664600043

Translation: They’re just kind of staring at him.

 One user pointed out that the cats were just watching the pupper while he tried to entertain them.

Screenshot: user4107664600043

Translation: He’s so shy. Well, when in doubt, just start scratching. 

This seems to totally understand what this pupper is going through – they mentioned that the puppo was so nervous that he couldn’t stop scratching.

Play it cool

As a dog lover and extrovert, all we want to do is tell these cats to *please* accept the little furry ball as their friends.

However, we also understand that it could be very jarring to have an animal that’s bigger than you suddenly appear in your garden and then forcefully engage in conversation.

So, we’re going to take this video as a lesson. While we may be eager to get to know someone, it doesn’t always mean that they’re going to be as comfortable doing the same.

Thank you, pupper and cats.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): user4107664600043

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