Thailand’s Malls Get Ready To Reopen With Free Mask Dispensers, Disinfecting Robots & Drones

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Siam Piwat and Central Group prepare for customers again

bangkok malls to reopen cover
Image credit: Reuters, Guru Magazine

After the COVID-19 virus reared its ugly head, life as we knew it came to a jarring halt. From restaurants and bars to gyms and even shopping malls closing their doors, people were left not knowing when they would reopen again.

Thankfully, the situation in Thailand has been gradually stabilising, with new cases each day dropping to single digits and even zero on 13th May.

Siam Piwat and Central Group, which are some of Thailand’s biggest retail development companies, have since announced that they are getting ready to reopen this Sunday, 17th May.

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Upgraded safety measures put in place

Image credit: Prestige Online

In a recent statement, Siam Piwat’s Senior Vice President of Operations Naratipe Ruttapradit shared that they were “readily prepared for the reopening under the government-mandated guidelines.”

This means ensuring proper hygiene standards and safety protocol is met. And boy, are they ready.

Siam Piwat shoppers will have to do entrance and exit registrations via downloading a mobile app
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The mall group will be deploying next-level measures, including free face mask dispensers, drones with UV-C disinfectant technology, and temperature scanning robots.

free face mask dispenser
Face mask vending machines
Image credit: Reuters

“We have practically and effectively incorporated innovative technologies in our practices,” shared Ruttapradit, with the intention of boosting confidence amongst shoppers, tenants, and employees.

central group staff
Central Mall staff will be required to wear face masks and shields at all time, and have their temperatures checked every 3 hours
Image credit: Guru Magazine

Central Group also plans to use disinfectant robots, hand gel services, and smart temperature sensors.

Contactless payments via banking apps and e-payments are also encouraged to help minimise direct contact between vendors and customers.

bank notes will be sanitisedBanknotes and coins will be properly disinfected if customers pay by cash
Image credit: Guru Magazine

The mall will be having foot-operated openers at toilets and service rooms too, Guru Magazine shares. Plus, any products that come into contact with customers will be disinfected – including fitting rooms, clothes, and utensils.

bkk malls social distancing
Anyone entering the mall will have their temperatures taken and asked to use hand sanitiser
Image credit: Guru Magazine

Mall occupancy will also be closely monitored, with limits on the number of people allowed in at a time.

Meeting to decide is malls to open on Sunday

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is said to chair a meeting today, 15th May, to decide whether retail operations such as shopping malls will be ready to open on 17th May, Bangkok Post reports.

We’ve got our fingers crossed!

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