Animals are missing visitors amid COVID-19 too

Thai zoo sets up human standees for animals Image adapted from: I Roam Alone 

If you’ve been feeling lonely at home during self-isolation, the animals are feeling that way too. Animals in zoos are familiar with always having people around, so the COVID-19 lockdown must have been quite the change for them. 

We’ve seen a Tokyo aquarium arrange for FaceTime sessions with eels, and now Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand is giving its penguins human standees to make them feel happy and adored again. 

Penguins don’t come out living their normal life if they can’t see anybody there 

Human standees for animals during COVID-19

Travel blogger Monthon “Mint” Kasantikul, popularly known as I Roam Alone, got an exclusive chance to visit Khao Kheow Open Zoo during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Mint posted a video that featured the zoo’s current atmosphere and lives of the animals and zookeepers during the closure. 

Thai zoo sets up human standees for animals

One highlight that stood out were the standees that had been set around the penguin habitat. 

After asking the reason for having them there, the staff said that they noticed that the penguins, upon noticing that there had been no visitors, would be confused and stop walking to their pool. As such, they resorted to having very special “guests” to egg them on.

Human standees for animals during COVID-19This is How a normal day at the penguin exhibit looked like before COVID-19

The zoo felt that they might be feeling nervous due to the change in atmosphere and decided to try setting up human standees along the way. It finally worked – very well in fact – and has made our lil friends feel all right again. 

Humans are not the only species who have had to deal with the change after the spread of the virus; animals have also come to adapt to this big change in their lives too. 

We hope these animal celebrities have a chance to shine again as soon as possible. We all miss you too!

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