Fencer turns to food delivery to support himself

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Our work routines have changed during this pandemic, including not being able to work in the office or even being forced to stop working temporarily. 

In order to earn a living in this difficult time, many have turned to delivery jobs from pilots to celebrities. Olympics silver medalist fencer Ryo Miyake is one of them.

Rejected money from sponsors

fencer uber

Image credit: AFP

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games being postponed, Japanese fencer Ryo Miyake turned to delivery service Uber Eats. Although he was offered money from his sponsors, he decided to turn them down. 

“I thought it was a little impudent to receive support in such a situation, so I told them to hold for the time being,” he told Reuters.

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He stated that his reasons behind turning to food delivery was to save money for future competitions where he has to travel overseas, and to also maintain his fitness levels. 

It is always important for professional athletes to maintain their fitness as the industry is competitive 

However, with the pandemic, all businesses including fitness centres are closed. Additionally, training has been halted as fencing training requires more than one person to be present during a game. 

Delivery jobs are the best choice, as he can both stay fit and earn money at the same time, especially when he cycles in hilly and remote places.

fencer uber

Image credit: AFP

Although he only earns ¥2,000 per day, he is happy to be able to add the money to his savings without relying on sponsorships.

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Waiting for the pandemic to end

“I want to restart with a situation where everyone can train freely and without any concern,” Ryo added in his interview

Just like any other athlete, Ryo loves the sport he is doing and his goal is to compete in the world’s biggest sport event; the Olympics. 

We wish him all the best in the Olympics next year.

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