Buying the lottery with free groceries

Buying the lottery with free groceriesImages adapted from: Bugaboo.TV

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) has decided to postpone the lottery drawing 3 times in order to prevent new cases of COVID-19. The organization didn’t want people to risk gathering in groups or getting the virus from touching a potentially infected lottery ticket.  

This has caused lottery sales to decrease, affecting lottery sellers across the country. As a result, one man decided to boost his sales by offering customers a special giveaway. 

Free mackerel, water mimosa, and face masks 

Buying the lottery with free groceries
Image credit: Bugaboo.TV

Mr. Boonched Poolnoi works in a Subdistrict Administrative Organisation in Suphanburi province and sells lottery tickets as a part-time job on the weekends. 

After the lottery draw was postponed, he couldn’t sell any tickers as many people felt unsure about when they could know their winnings from the prize announcement.

Thai lottery seller boosts sell by giving free mackerel and vegetablesImage credit: Bugaboo.TV

So, Mr. Boonched decided to launch a promotion for his customers. Buy 1 lottery ticket, get 1 free item. Customers can choose to have a face mask or fresh ingredients for their next meal like mackerel and water mimosa. 

This promotion seemed to worked and has increased sales for real. Mr. Boonched informed a reporter of Bugaboo.TV that he didn’t worry about getting lower profits, and just want to sell his tickets and get some income. 

Lottery in Thailand
Image credit: Prachachart

Well, good news for him and his customers – the Government Lottery Office just announced that the lottery drawing will definitely be happening this Saturday, 16th May and won’t be postponed again. 

We wish all of you good luck and kudos to Mr. Boonched for successful marketing tactics!

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