Sasaya: hidden Izakaya restaurant in Silom

It can be hard to get away from the crowds in the big city. If you’re ever looking for a quiet place to enjoy fine dining, Sasaya is the perfect place to wind down.

Here’s the restaurant that you probably don’t even know exists.

Fantastic set lunch menu and unique Japanese dishes

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Even secrets have their secrets, and at the hidden restaurant Sasaya, one little-known-fact is that their lunch menu is a tad bit cheaper than their regular dinner menu. 

While they have the usual offerings found in Japanese restaurants, there are a few dishes that stand out. 

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First, the Ebi Shiogama Yaki is shrimp slow-cooked in a claypot of salt. With the shrimp placed on skewers and dipped into the claypot, you might be reminded of incense sticks during Chinese New Year.

You better be quick, before your ancestors come steal these flavourful shrimp after catching a whiff. 

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Next, the Hata Shiogama Yaki is a grouper fish encased in salt and egg whites that is baked, until its flesh is perfectly moist and delicious. It’ll come to your table looking like a dry piece of stale bread until the waitress busts out a hammer and cracks open the thing. It’ll be as if you just discovered hidden gold as a pirate.

This baked fish has an intense flavour, as if it has been dry-aged to concentrate all those tasty notes. 

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Finally, when you order a Satsuma Gyu Kinzanji Miso Yaki, the waitress will bring a charcoal grill to your table. You’ll see fatty Wagyu beef from Satsuma being grilled on top of Kinzanji Miso. 

Of course, Sasaya’s service is top-notch. The waitresses peel the shrimp and fish for you, so all you’ll have to do is focus on enjoying the food.  

A hidden restaurant with tons of private rooms

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Eating in Bangkok can be a very public affair, even if you’re alone. Whether you’re on the streets or in the malls, tables can get so packed that you feel as if you’re a part of a conversation that is happening on the other side of the eatery. 

Sasaya is an oasis for people looking to get away from a very social meal in Bangkok. The hidden restaurant offers many, many private rooms that are so spacious that some can seat up to 20. 

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The unique decor will transport you straight to a rural fine dining restaurant in Japan.

Peer into Silom’s hidden Izakaya

Whether it be for a private social gathering or a quiet meeting meal, Sasaya is a great place to hide away for a while. It definitely helps that their food is great.

So stop by next time you feel like the city is getting just a tad bit too busy for you.

笹弥 -Sasaya- Silom
Address: 8/4 Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 1, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening hours:
11.30am-2pm, 6pm-10.30pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2634 5850 | Sasaya’s Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

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Cover image adapted from: @skin.or.soul and @headovermeals.x

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