Phu Thok’s seas of mist

Celebrated as a happy season among Thais, winter is what many people are excited about right now. They can’t wait to head up north and experience the sight of green mountains covered in thick fog.
So, if you can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of thick fog, here’s good news for you. Phu Thok now is blanketed in thick seas of fog that you can view from the mountaintops of Chiang Kan, Loei.

Enjoy watching the thick seas of fog in Phu Thok

Image credit: @nutza007no1 via Instagram

It’s exciting to know that November has come and winter is greeting us with beautiful weather. Many can’t wait to experience the cool winter air, clear blue skies, and the sight of fog covering green mountains.

As far as winter destinations go, we’re happy to let you know that Phu Thok in Chiang Khan, Loei finally is right now cloaked in thick blankets of fog. The wait is over and the picturesque winter scenery is here.

Image credit: @thisisnatcha__k via Instagram

To get to the viewpoint on the mountain in Phu Thok, you need to park your car at the mountain’s base and then take a ride on a local pickup truck. The ticket is ฿25 (~USD0.70) per person. Each pick-up truck will leave once it gets 10 people on board and takes about 10 minutes to reach the viewpoint.

When you’re back from the mountaintop, you can roam around the morning market around the area filled with many tasty eateries. You can also opt to check out the residents’ local lifestyles and discover Thai culture up in the north.

Let Phu Thok be your first winter destination this year

Prepare your clothes and start your journey to Phu Thok in Loei. You’ll be happy to find out how beautiful it is up here.

Do share this with your friends if they are seeking winter places to visit, or you can ask them to come with you.

Also, make sure you explore Phu Kho: a scenic viewpoint & campground in Loei, Pa Hin Ngam: bizarre rocks & cliffside viewpoint in Chaiyaphum, and Phu Soi Dao which offers a pine yard and a waterfall to sightsee.

Address: Chiang Khan, Chiang Khan District, Loei 42110
Coordinates: Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @nutza007no1 via Instagram 

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