Monkey grooms tourist’s hair in Lopburi

Every time someone starts speaking about their travel experiences that involve monkeys, we instinctively brace for some bad news. Perhaps it’s because we’re so accustomed to hearing horror stories about monkeys biting tourists or even stealing their belongings.

Well, we here’s the story of a monkey in Thailand that breaks the stereotype.

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Caring monkey grooms tourist’s hair in Lopburi

On 7th October 2021, TikToker, Zeed_tao posted about his and his travel buddy’s adventures with a caring macaque monkey in Lopburi, Thailand.

The first couple seconds of the clip shows a macaque initiating an impromptu and pro-bono hair styling for the TikToker’s travel buddy, who looks – understandably – displeased about it.

Screenshot: @zeed_tao

While a shocking moment for the people involved, it seems that this isn’t the first time the macaque was styling someone’s hair. The hair-stylist even begins by removing their client’s hair-bow.

Monkey-jumps-touristScreenshot: @zeed_tao

With the bow out of the way, the monkey begins his work, only to discover that there is another hairband in his client’s hair.

Monkey-grooms-touristScreenshot: @zeed_tao

No worries for this pro, though. The macaque uses their teeth to get up close and personal with their client’s hair.

Monkey prevents TikToker from interferring with his artistic process

While we’re all about getting a free hair treatment, we’re also not sure we could’ve remained as calm as this individual did – let alone for as long as she did.

Monkey-bites-toursist-hairScreenshot: @zeed_tao

Sensing that his travel buddy was getting increasingly distressed, the person behind the camera starts swatting at the monkey. However, this doesn’t end well.

Monkey-defends-artScreenshot: @zeed_tao

Upset at the interruption, the macaque not only vocalises his irritation, but even begins swatting back at the cameraman.

The result of the stand-off? The hairstylist ends up leaving the TikToker’s travel buddy’s head and jumps onto his head, instead.

Caring-monkey-groomsScreenshot: @zeed_tao

Hey, we’d say an event where no one is hurt is a win.

A different type of stylist

We felt uneasy just watching the video, so we can’t imagine how the people in the video felt.

Seriously, though, props to the tourist in the video for staying as calm as she did while a monkey started grooming her. We hope that everyone involved, including the macaque, is safe after the situation.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @zeed_tao, @zeed_tao, @zeed_tao

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