Man hides money from his wife

It’s an established notion that women’s intuition knows no bounds; women seem to always find out everything.

However, it appears that this Thai man wanted to test the theory, and decided to hide cash from his wife in his car. While his wife wasn’t the one to discover his actions, it seems that the universe conspired to uncover his secret loot.

Here’s the story of a man whose secret stash of cash was exposed by rats.

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Man hides money from his wife but is ratted out by rats

A man hid ฿45,000 (~USD1,300) worth of cash from his wife inside his car.

Unfortunately, it seems that some hungry scoundrels found the loot and gnawed on a majority of it, essentially ratting him out.

Screenshot: @dyfo6zku7dh6

This man lost about ฿35,000 (~USD1,000) from the ordeal, meaning the rats managed to ruin approximately 3/4 of his original booty, as portrayed in a clip posted by TikToker, @dyfo6zku7dh6, on 6th October 2021.

Screenshot: @dyfo6zku7dh6

We haven’t even accounted for the damage these rats caused to this man’s vehicle, or his marriage.

Screenshot: @dyfo6zku7dh6

Man may be able to redeem damage banknotes

Luckily, it seems that a commenter may have provided an idea that could help this family mitigate the loss.

Screenshot: @dyfo6zku7dh6

Translation: You can actually go exchange the bills at the bank. 

That’s actually a sound solution, as the Bank of Thailand does allow for damaged banknote exchanges if they meet the following criteria.

TBH, if this happened to us, we’d be too flustered to even fathom such a solution.

An unfortunate twist of fate

Whether or not we condone this man’s actions, we do have to say it’s a pity to lose that much of your savings to some rats with a taste for paper.

They say that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorn”. In this case, though, we’d assume that the fury is coming from the man whose clandestine operation was blew open by rats.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @zeed_tao@zeed_tao@zeed_tao

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