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Woman Buys Second-Hand iPhone From Online Shop, Ends Up Being Delivered Canned Fish & Chargers

Woman buys second-hand iPhone from online shop

Products listed with a very cheap price can sometimes be a scammers’ trap to deceive online shoppers.

With an unusually low price, there’s a high chance to receive counterfeits. Some people even receive goods they hadn’t even bought in the first place, just like this Thai woman.

Here’s the story of a woman who bought a second-hand iPhone from an online shop, but ended up being delivered canned fish and chargers.

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Woman receives canned fish & chargers instead of iPhone

The story of a Thai woman named Pritsana Khumsup, 34, who received canned fish and two chargers instead of an iPhone made rounds on social media.

iphone-scamImage credit: Sanook

Ms. Pritsana revealed that she had ordered an iPhone from an online shop on a Facebook page, ศูนย์จำหน่ายมือถือภาคตะวันออก รับประกันเครื่อง1ปีเต็ม, which claimed to sell second hand iPhones at ฿350 (~USD10.40).

canned-tuna-iphoneImage credit: Sanook

Later, she ended up receiving canned fish and two chargers worth ฿20 (~USD0.60), but luckily, she could claim all of her money back afterwards.

Netizens think the price is too cheap for iPhone

After the story was posted online, many netizens poured in to share that it’s impossible for iPhones to be available at ฿350 (~USD10.40).

iphone scam
Screenshot: Sanook News

Translation: Pay ฿350, but why did she expect to get the real iPhone? 

One netizen commented that the price is too low for an iPhone.

Screenshot: Sanook News

Translation: First thing first, there’s no iPhone available at this price. Even its adapter’s price already hit around ฿600 – ฿700 (~USD18 – USD21).

Another netizen also affirmed that there are no iPhones available at ฿350 (~USD10.40)

Screenshot: Sanook News

Translation: Getting just the chargers is worth ฿350. Plus, canned fish can make our stomachs full.

One Facebook user jokingly shared that the products she received are worth the price she had paid.

The real iPhone may be hidden inside the canned fish

We feel relieved to know that the woman received all of her money back and hope that she will not encounter this kind of a situation again in the future.

However, we suggest opening up the canned fish first. The real iPhone might have been hidden inside.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Sanook

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