Ichiba Station Is A Japanese Night Market In Bangkok With Sakura Flowers, Grilled Buffet & Live Music

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Ichiba Station

If you’ve been watching too much anime – AoT and Demon Slayer fans, I’m with you – it’s time to forget about that Mugen Train Arc. I’m here to share about Ichiba Station, one of Bangkok’s newest night markets that is ready to whisk its visitors off to a night in Japan.

When I think of Japan, the first three things that pop into my head are: sakura flowers, iconic red Japanese lanterns and sushi. Believe it or not, this Bangkok night market has every one of them. Read on to find out why you should bookmark it for your next trip.

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It has red lanterns and sakura flowers perfect for IG #OOTNs

When I first stumbled upon this place, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Ichiba Station - 1
Image credit: Ichiba Station 

Most Thai night markets have white fluorescent lightbulbs or warm fairy lights lining its streets. However, this Japanese inspired night market has replaced the iconic lighting with soft, subtle and yet, enigmatic glow of the red lanterns that can be spotted at every stall here.

Ichiba Station - Red LanternsImage credit: Ichiba Station 

With the mysterious red hues of the lanterns, it almost felt like I was teleported into the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. 

Ichiba Station 2Image credit: Ichiba Station 

Come the twilight hour, the sakura flowers and their effect are elevated to a whole other level.

Ichiba Station - Twilight HourImage credit: Ichiba Station

I promise that you can even shamelessly put the location tag as Japan, and no one would question it.

Finally, we have to introduce the last of our three selected IG-worthy photo spots: the mini Shibuya crossing.

There is a mini Shibuya crossing ideal for Tokyo Drift inspired photoshoots

While the size of this ‘mini Shibuya’ is a literal fraction of the actual Shibuya crossing, it is definitely worth a mention.

shibuya miniImage credit: kudo 

The black and white paint on the floor offers a brilliant contrast against the traditionally warm Japan-inspired set in the background.

Ichiba Station - Mini Shibuya
Image credit: Kiks Angcana 

I would even go so far to say that pictures taken here will allow you to capture the duality of modernity and history that the Japanese culture encapsulates.

Ichiba Station MSL Car PhotoshootImage credit: MSL

Avid car enthusiasts even make the trip here just to give their “babies” a photoshoot they deserve. I mean, can you name a better location for a Tokyo Drift photoshoot than this mini Tokyo?

After you’re done with your IG photoshoots, make sure to check out the food stalls here.

Indulge in food and drink that cost ฿10 (~USD0.3) – ฿500 (~USD15)

When I first laid eyes on the food here, it felt as though I was eating them through the screen cause of how unreal and photogenic they looked LOL.

As a Japanese inspired night market, it makes sense that there are tonnes of Japanese selections to choose from.

sushiImage credit: Ichiba Station 

From sushi, sashimi, yakitori sticks and sukiyaki bowls, the list seems to be never-ending.

Image credit: Chillpainai

Image credit: Ichiba Station 

But of course, the market does not limit itself to Japanese cuisine.

Image credit: เป็ด ล้วน ล้วน

In addition to Thai and western mains, they also offer quirky street snacks like corn dogs and local favourites like moo krob.

Image credit: Chillpainai

 pork belly
Image credit: Ichiba Station 

There are also favourites like dimsum and seafood menus available, where you can find yourself indulging in dishes like vermicelli with crabs.

Image credit: พรุ่งนี้ค่อยลด by กันย์

 vermicelli with crab
Image credit: Ichiba Station

The colours look so vibrant in all these photos that the food genuinely looks like it came straight out of an anime. (Food Wars! anyone?)

You can have desserts like crepes, ice cream and boba tea

If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll be in for a treat. In addition to the mains, the stalls here carry different types of yummy desserts. And yes, boba lovers… I see you.

 Shiba Boba TeaImage credit: Ichiba Station 

The desserts range widely from crepes to combination ice cream rolls like the bright and colourful Maru Waffle here.

 Maru WaffleImage credit: Ichiba Station 

The restaurant zone is open from 5pm to 7pm daily, so do make sure to come by early so you don’t miss out on anything.

There are claw machines and nail parlours here

To add on to all that jazz, the market also has claw machines and nail parlours.

claw machine
Image credit: Ichiba Station

With all that food around, I’m sure the gents will be entertained while the ladies get their nails done.

 Nail Parlour
Image credit: Ichiba Station

Alternatively, you guys can get your nails done together? *wink wink*

There is also a skate park as well as live music at the market

Call me an expert or a wannabe connoisseur but in all honesty, I feel that a night market is never truly complete without some great live music.

ichiba-stationImage credit: Ichiba Station 

And with that, this night market truly checks all the boxes for me. They also have a skate park within the market itself, affectionately named Maple Skate Park.

Maple Skate ParkImage credit: Ichiba Station

 Maple Skate Park 2
Image credit: Ichiba Station

For all you sk8ter bois and girls out there, make sure to pop by for a spin during their opening hours from 9AM – 12AM daily.

Getting to this Japanese-inspired night market

Image credit: Ichiba Station via painaidii

As most Thailand-bound tourists know, night markets are absolutely not-to-be-missed. I’ve been to so many markets around Thailand – from floating markets to 14km long walking streets – but this has to be the first Japanese inspired one.

With all that it has to offer, I’m sure a visit here wouldn’t disappoint.

Ichiba Station
Address: 489 3 Ram Inthra Rd, Ram Inthra, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230
Nearest Train Station: Ram Inthra Kor Mor 9 MRT
Opening Hours:
8PM – 12AM, Daily 
+66 6 3423 1111
Ichiba Station Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: Kiks Angcana , Ichiba Station via painaidii , Ichiba Station 

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