Indy Market: Thonburi night markets catered to locals

Bangkok’s night markets are always lively, exciting places for street food and shopping. But if you find that the popular ones like Jodd Fairs, Asiatique, and JJ Market are a bit too touristy for you, then a pair of night markets across the Chao Phraya might interest you. Indy Market is a set of night markets in Thonburi, which caters to locals.

Here’s where they are and what they have to offer.

Multiple spots throughout Thonburi

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There are a total of 4 Indy Markets peppered throughout Bangkok, three in Thonburi and one in Chok Chai 4 in Ladprao (Lat Phrao).

The most famous one is in Dao Khanong and is most easily accessed by car.  The one in Pinklao is right underneath the Bang Yi Khan (บางยี่ขัน) MRT station. The final Thonburi spot is over in Bang Khun Thian (บางขุนเทียน), which you’ll need a car to get to as well.

While it’s easy enough to get a cab to these locations, make sure you plan properly because it may be more difficult to call a cab on the way back if it’s very late at night.

Your classic night market, but for locals

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While Bangkok is quickly becoming a city filled with international visitors, Thonburi has remained relatively free of that. As a result, a lot of attractions in the area across the Chao Phraya tend to be aimed at locals.

Indy Market is no exception to that.

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While the food offerings may be similar to those from other night markets across the river, the prices they’ll cost you will leave your wallet a bit happier.

You’ll also find hip clothes by local designers that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Finally, there is plenty of alcohol so you can have a good time on the weekends.

Get a taste of local flavour and prices at Indy Market

Try Indy Market for a night market that is catered to locals. With how rapidly Bangkok has been urbanising, these gems won’t stay hidden for long.

For our full list of recommended night markets, check out our guide here. But if you want the true local experience, why not try living here with help from our guide to the best places to live in Thailand?

Indy Market Dao Khanong
Address: Dao Khanong, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150
Opening hours: 5pm-12pm, Daily
Contact: +66 8 0999 8872 | Google Maps

Indy Market Pinklao
Address: 209 Charan Sanit Wong Rd, Bang Bumru, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 6pm-12pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2100 6728 | Google Maps

Indy Market Bang Khun Thian
Address: Bang Khun Thian, 14 Samae Dam, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok 10150
Opening hours: 5pm-12pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2550 6095 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @bamboo__030 via Instagram, @mr._.nonnanon via Instagram

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