Credit cards in Thailand for your 2024 finances

A credit card becomes an essential item to have once you start your career as it provides convenience, offers benefits, and helps you become more disciplined with your expenses.

Whether you are a Thai citizen or a foreigner living in this Land of Smiles, here are 10 credit cards in Thailand with interesting perks to help with your finances.

1. KTC JCB Ultimate — no entry and annual fees

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If your monthly income exceeds ฿50,000 (~USD1,405.42) per month, you can get the KTC JCB Ultimate card. This card comes with a lifetime exemption from entry and annual fees, and cardholders have the flexibility to withdraw 100% cash up to their limit.

Travel enthusiasts will find this card irresistible. When you use the card for shopping in foreign countries and make purchases in foreign currencies, you’ll earn double the Reward Points, enhancing your shopping experience even more.

Flying with Thai Airways, you can use the MIRACLE LOUNGE twice a year at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Moreover, it offers access to JCB Plaza Lounge in eight cities — including Honolulu, Guam, Paris, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok — with good facilities. You can take advantage of the access to airport lounges in 10 countries, including Hawaii, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan, the UK, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Contact: KTC’s website

2. KTC Visa Platinum — comes with accident and travel insurance

Screenshot: KTC

Another option among KTC credit cards for those earning over ฿15, 000 (~USD421.63) is KTC Visa Platinum. The credit limit of this card is established as a fivefold multiple of your monthly salary.

In addition to having no entry and annual fees, the card offers the convenience of paying in instalments with a special rate of 0.74%. Moreover, it provides access to the KTC PERSONAL ASSISTANT service, assisting with tasks such as booking tickets, restaurant reservations, gift deliveries, and offering support during medical emergencies.

When spending with the card, you can earn 1 KTC FOREVER point per ฿25. You can collect points and trade them for items at participating stores nationwide.

If you’re always on the go, this card’s got you covered with accident insurance up to ฿300,000 (~USD8,431.70) for 90 days and travel insurance maxing out at ฿8,000,000 (~USD224,965.60).

Contact: KTC’s website

3. SCB CardX Up2Me — earn 3x points in your chosen lifestyle

Image credit: SCB

Similar to both cards mentioned above, our third credit card, SCB CardX Up2Me, also comes with no annual fees. Applying for the card is a breeze—you can simply submit your application through the SCB Easy app, and the approval process is swift.

What’s special about this card is that you receive triple Reward Points in your selected lifestyle category and quintuple points for purchases in that category during your birth month.

Going on a trip, you can use this card for 10% discounts when renting a car in big cities such as Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket etc. If you need information about hotels, restaurants, or concert tickets, feel free to contact their 24-Hour Personal Assistant.

Plus, they offer travel insurance for domestic and international flights with a death benefit of up to ฿4,500,000 (~USD112,460.64).

Contact: CardX’s website

4. UOB PRIVI Miles — collect points and turn them into your desired destination

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: UOB

Love travelling? Check out this UOB PRIVI Miles credit card. Jetsetters can tell by its name that this card is for you.

While shopping, you earn 1 Reward Point for every ฿15 spent through the card, and you can use the Rewards Points to redeem The 1 points and M Point points which can be used in department stores in Thailand, ranging from Central branches and Robinson to Tops Daily. The rate is interesting as you can exchange 900 UOB points for 1000 points of The 1 and M Point.

Alternatively, you can redeem mileage of Royal Orchid Plus, Singapore Airlines, Kris Fryers, and Asia Miles. The rate is 1.2 points = 1 mileage or ฿18 = 1 mileage.

If your spending reaches ฿200,000 (~USD5,624.22) or more per year, you can enjoy access to Royal Silk Lounge sitting at Concourse E on the 3rd floor of the departure hall by showing your UOB PRIVI Miles credit card. The perk is only valid when you’re travelling abroad with Thai Airways or Thai Smile Airways.

Next, cardholders will receive Travel Accident Insurance with coverage of up to ฿20,000,000 (~USD562,429.80) when using the card to pay for flight or train fares fully.

Contact: UOB’s website

5. UOB TRMW — 3% cashback on your chosen categories

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: UOB

If you’re on the hunt for your first credit card, UOB TRMW offers up to ฿3,000 (~USD84.44) cashback when you sign up for a TMRW credit card with a minimum spending of ฿10,000 (~USD281.47).

For the card’s benefits, you can revel in a generous 3% cashback on your preferred lifestyle categories, coupled with a solid 1% cashback on all other expenditures. The categories can be changed every month.

Don’t worry about overspending; you can control your spending by setting limits on your card and ATM cash advance.

Another attractive aspect is the Flexi Repayment Programme, which makes converting your chosen unbilled retail transactions into 3, 6, or 10-month instalment payments a breeze.

And when you spend at least ฿5,000 (~USD140.65) with certain merchants, you can benefit from 0% instalment payments.

Contact: UOB’s website

6. Krungsri XU Digital Credit Card by First Choice — discounts for Shopee & Lazada every month

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: Krungsri First Choice via Facebook

If you frequently shop on Shopee and Lazada, the Krungsri XU Digital Credit Card from First Choice deserves your consideration. You can enjoy monthly discounts on both E-commerce platforms courtesy of this card. It also offers insurance coverage for online shopping for up to ฿20,000 (~USD561.87) per year.

By making, purchases on lifestyle things, you can earn up to 5% cashback and benefit from %0 instalment payments for up to 36 months, which is longer than other typical credit cards.

On top of that, you can earn points that are convertible to cashback, reaching up to 18%, using the UCHOOSE application.

Contact: Firstchoice’s website

7. SCB JCB PLATINUM — get 3% cashback when used in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea etc.

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: SCB Thailand

The SCB JCB Platinum credit card is an excellent choice for travel enthusiasts exploring Asia. Users of this card can enjoy a 3% cashback when shopping in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, or Taiwan. You can furthermore get a 10% discount on your total bill when dining at top Japanese restaurants and other selected eateries for all food and beverage transactions.

Just like with the SCB CardX Up2Me, you can snag a cool 10% off on your car rental for trips with True Leasing, plus travel insurance that’s got your back with coverage up to ฿4,500,000 (~USD112,460.64).

While on your journey overseas, you can enjoy Loungekey services in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

This card is like your ticket to a more enjoyable life abroad.

Contact: Cardx’s website

8. AEON GOLD CARD — perks at McDonald’s, Amazon Cafe, & more

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: AEON

First, the AEON Gold Card not only offers a credit limit of five times your salary but also allows you to withdraw 100% of that limit in cash. You’ll also get copious privileges on Shopee, Lazada, GrabFood, foodpanda, and at Mcdonald’s and Maxvalu Supermarket. Make sure you check them on its website provided below.

The card requires a minimum payment of 10%, affording you the flexibility to meet the essential payment obligation each billing cycle. By the way, the interest rate is 16% per year.

Contact: AEON’s website

9. AEON Wellness Platinum Card — discounts and cashback when spending at hospitals & pharmacies

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: AEON

Here comes the one designed for those who prioritise their well-being. The AEON Wellness Platinum Card has many interesting perks when spending at hospitals & pharmacies.

If you find yourself going to a hospital often or buying regular items at a pharmacy, this lovely card lets you get up to 5% cashback when spending at hospitals and 3% cashback when spending at pharmacies. Besides, the card presents discounts of up to 15% and exclusive advantages when used at partnered hospitals, pharmacies, wellness centers, and spas.

A fraction of every 0.1% of your spending amount will be contributed to The Thai Red Cross Society.

Contact: AEON’s website

10. Citi Cash Back — enjoy a fee waiver when your annual spending exceeds THB 60,000

credit cards in thailand
Image credit: Estopolis

Citi Cash Back is among one of the best credit cards in Thailand for Bangkok residents who enjoy spending on a daily basis. It offers a fee waiver if you spend over ฿60,000 (~USD1,689.17) in a year.

Get even more thrilled with a 10% cash rebate on purchases made at Skytrain & MRT, and Cafe Amazon, a 5% cash rebate for spending at 7-Eleven, Grab, and Watsons, and a 1% rebate on petrol for every THB 800 spent or sales slip at all Shell Gas Stations nationwide, ideal for big spenders. Plus, your shopping will be easier and quicker with its Contactless Payment and Scan & Pay.

Noteworthy is the fact that, apart from the mentioned perks, cardholders are entitled to a comprehensive travel insurance plan that offers protection of over ฿10,000,000 (~USD281,531.60), enhancing the overall value of this card for your travel needs.

Contact: CITIBANK’s website

Credit cards in Thailand for a more prosperous 2024

There are many credit cards in Thailand with each offering various perks. You can opt for the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Take a look and consider these credit cards that offer appealing benefits specifically curated for office workers like ourselves. Many of these cards cards in Thailand are designed for those earning a minimum salary of ฿15,000 (~USD422.29) and come with an easily accessible application process.

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Cover image adapted from: Estopolis, UOB, UOB, and Krungsri First Choice via Facebook




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